Officials In Susquehanna County Cope With Two Homicides

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- Investigators in Susquehanna County said they have been very busy in recent days investigating what is now two homicides.

Last week, the body of Jack St. Onge, 88, was found wrapped in tarps.

Troopers said he was killed in Montgomery County and dumped in Gibson Township, Susquehanna County. The victim's son is suspected of killing him.

The body was discovered by people walking in the area.

"I bet the people who did it never thought of anybody being in there cutting the trees," said David Hine of Gibson Township.

Now, there is another homicide investigation.

State troopers said Russell Fauver, 31, of Montrose was left beaten along rural Blaisure Road in Jessup Township near Montrose.

He was driven to a hospital when he was found, and declared dead early Wednesday morning.

Troopers arrested Paul Paci, 31, of Dallas, Luzerne County and charged him with homicide.

They said the two men got into a fight at this bar over a girlfriend. When Fauver left in his vehicle, investigators said Paci chased Fauver in his own vehicle to continue the fight.

Eventually, both stopped.

"They were out of their vehicles, they got into a fight, and Mr. Paci assaulted Mr. Fauver and he caused enough injuries that were life-threatening," said Trooper Mark Prushinski of the state police in Gibson.

According to court papers, Paci beat Fauver, left him on the roadway, and showed up at an acquaintance's home covered in blood.

That man told police Paci said, "I think I killed him."

State police said having two homicides in their county in such a short time span is very unusual.

"You know being in the wooded area that it is, quiet. You know, for whatever reason, the stars have aligned and it's causing a real workload for the guys at this station but I think they're doing a real excellent job of getting to the bottom of just about everything so far," said Trooper Prushinski.



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