Kathleen Sharkey returns to Wyoming Seminary

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US Women's National Field Hockey team member Kat Sharkey takes the PA Elite Field Hockey Club Summer Series players thru some drills. It's a chance for the former Wyoming Seminary grad to give back to the 14 thru 19 year olds eager to learn more about the game.

"It's really neat being back here at Seminary and interacting with some of my former players and being back on Klassner Field. It brings back a lot of memories. It means a lot being here and being able to give back to local girls," said Kat Sharkey.

"When you're doing the sweep just like a normal forward sweep you bring the stick back and you have to follow thru," added Kat.

"I think it's a great opportunity especially at this level. We're trying to improve our game as much as we can, because we're coming across our outdoor season. I think it's a great opportunity," said Annie Amentler.

"It's been amazing. It really helped with lots of things, and if we had questions she knew the answers because she was so experienced. Yes it really helped. It was nice," said Morgan Korba.

"What are a few tips you're giving? Right now we're working on some reverse shooting and just some passing. I think basics are really important at the college and international levels. That's one message I'm really trying to get across-you really have to know the basics in order to advance in this sport," again said Kat.

We'll the rest of this year Kat will be here in the USA with the US Women's National Field Hockey team. 2015 they will play games to drum up support here in the US and then in 2016 over to Brazil for the summer Olympics.

"I'm hoping there will be some local girls on the team. It's exciting and we just finished the World Cup and the Olympics are two years away . It approaches quickly," added Kat.

"Have you had a chance to talk to her about being part of the US National team? And what that experience is like? What has she said? She said it's really awesome to travel and it's a really great opportunity to see the world while doing something that she really like to do," again said Annie.

The Olympics begin August 5th, 2016 in Rio De Janeiro.