Former Public Defender Headed To Prison For Rape

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SCRANTON -- A former Lackawanna County public defender began a hefty state prison sentence on Wednesday for raping a teenage girl in 2011.

Ken Kovaleski of Olyphant was a public defender in Lackawanna County, and a guardian ad litem in Susquehanna County court when he was arrested back in 2012.

The judge who sentenced him Wednesday says his position of trust in the community made his crimes worse and added to his sentence.

Kovaleski has been behind bars since earlier this year when he was convicted of several child sex charges. A jury found that he raped and assaulted a teenage girl several times in 2011.

Today, Kovaleski was sentenced to 21 to 42 years in state prison.

Kovaleski was also given the label of a sexually violent predator.

Kovaleski denies raping the girl but he didn't testify at trial and he didn't have anything to say in court.

"Mr. Kovaleski vehemently maintains his innocence as he has since the beginning of this case and we now look forward to the matter being reviewed by the appellate courts. We believe that we will be back here again, that this is not the last we've heard on this case," said Kovaleski's attorney Todd Johns.

"When the defendant committed these crimes, he told the victim he knew every police officer, he knew every D.A. in town and nobody was going to believe her. We believed her, the jury believed her, and I think today justice is served," said Lackawanna County A.D.A. Mariclare Hayes.

Kovaleski began serving his 21 to 42 year sentence in state prison immediately. His attorneys said that they filed an appeal to his case right after the sentencing hearing.


  • Me

    The entire state of Pa is corrupt. Whether he did it or not is irrelevant

    He is in prison and now it’s his turn to get raped

    What comes around,…goes around.

  • anonymous

    If you followed the trial at all you would’ve known the lack of physical evidence is because it happened a long time before the child, who has no mental health problems or it would have been stated, came forward to authorities. There was also another victim in which the statutes of limitations ran out on who was raped by this man also at age 15, now explain how Pennsylvania’s justice system is wrong for putting away a sexually violent predator? Be ashamed of yourself for those ill educated comments.

  • related

    Dr Jim go screw he’s accused by a lying troubled kid. There was no physical evidence. Pennsylvania justice sucks. That judge just wanted to make an example out of a public defender.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    He looks like a pretty tough guy who’ll be able to handle himself just fine in prison .

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