Beltzville Beach Gone To The Dogs

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BELTZVILLE STATE PARK -- There is no swimming on this hot day at Beltzville State Park in Carbon County.

High bacteria tests are to blame for closing the beach just before the Fourth of July.

But now we found the park is trying something new to help keep the water clean: the beach has been taken over by dogs, sort of.

The swimming area is empty at one of the most popular state parks in the state on one of the hottest days of the year.

It's closed after routine water testing at Beltzville State Park showed high bacteria levels for the third time this season.

"We were extremely upset. My kids were crying and now they really want to go swimming. Now we have to find an alternative," said Josh Kubiak of Hellertown.

In all the heat, Kubiak had to turn around and head home. He saw the flashing "no swimming" sign as he drove in.

"This is the first time we've ever come out here and it was like this, but I've heard about this in the past."

Bacteria in the water has been an issue here for years, but there is something new on the beach at Beltzville: dogs.

Not real dogs but cutouts all along the water and they're there because of geese. Park officials believe what they leave behind is part of the bacteria problem.

Workers made the dog cutouts in the last few weeks hoping to do something to scare away the geese. They're not on the beach, but they're not far away.

"It doesn't work, they're on to that. They need real German shepherds."

Park officials say crowds of people also help cause the bacteria issues.

But whatever causes it all, those showing up couldn't cool off.

"It's a perfect day for swim, but I guess we're not going to swim today."

"Disappointed, we were going to spend all day here. We didn't know why it was closed," said Etsuko Kizawaik.

Kizawai and her son are vacationing this week in the area from New York City. They hope the dogs help, anything that can get the water cleaner by the holiday weekend.

"Hopefully everything is OK and we can take a dip before we leave."

Beltzville State Park is usually jammed on the Fourth of July. Park staff say they know that and will continue testing the water and reopen it as soon as bacteria levels are safe.


  • Jocobo

    It’s a conspiracy! Keep the people out of the water. So close to Jom Thorpe? Where are the people who have money to spend from New York going to go spend it? Not at a concession stand! Besides the geese are part of that Eco system! You are retarded if you think the geese are the problem! F@$&ing Retar@&$! Jim Thorpe is in a heated debate right now! One family member says they should move Jim Thorpe’s grave, and others say ‘NO’! The ones trying to keep him there need money for lawyers! Where do you think that money is coming from?!!!

  • Joey

    To solve this problem they need to start charging admission. The biggest issue is the city folks coming here for the free pass and disrespecting this resource. I bet the concession stand takes the access card too! These people use this lake as a bathing facility, sewer, dump, etc. Those park rangers at Beltzville have thier hands full without a doubt. On weekends it turns into South Philly, Allentown and Reading! The county lake (mauch chunk) charges admission, they also have geese, ducks, etc. but I never hear of that place closing for high bacteria! They just blame it on geese to prevent a class action lawsuit by minorities…

  • John

    It’s not geese, it’s all the people bathing, urinating, and defecating it….other state parks in the area are just fine, it’s because Beltzville is easy access to the turnpike! Start charging admission to the waterway and watch how fast the levels drop.

  • Disgusted....

    Geese aren’t the problem… It’s the disgusting humans! Close it to swimming or charge admission!

  • ME

    It ‘s a shame that this is happening at Beltzville. I have fond memories of going there with my boyfriend back in the
    1980’s & 90’s. I stopped going once they started having all these problems. The few times I was there, I didn’t go swimming. I’m not sure it’s entirely because of geese. Kids doing their business in the water, doesn’t help, I’m sure.
    If these dogs don’t help, there are probably other ways of keeping the geese away. What do other towns do?

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