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Update On Damaged Fire Gear

JESSUP — An update on fire gear and equipment damaged at a massive blaze Friday in Lackawanna County.

Crews say their gear was stained by ink that leaked during the fire at Scranton Cooperage in Jessup.

On Monday, members of the Jessup Volunteer Fire Company told us they were advised not to use the gear until DEP tests come back to determine if it’s safe.

Today, the Department on Environmental Protection issued a statement saying they never said not to use it, but to contact the manufacturer for information on cleaning the gear.

The company that many municipal departments use to clean their gear advised them not to use the gear until DEP tests are complete.

1 Comment

  • Bill

    I sincerely doubt INK would ruin your fire gear to the point it is unusable. Stains happen in every type of work environment, especially fire! One would think this gear is created and designed with this in mind and would be fine for use afterward! Don;t make excuses to spend money on new stuff when the old is just fine but dirty!

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