Man Dies from Injuries in Motorcycle Crash

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LA PLUME TOWNSHIP — A man is dead following a motorcycle accident in Lackawanna County.

According to state police, Charles Major, 60, of Hop Bottom died Tuesday evening at Geisinger Community Medical Center.

Major was injured when he lost control of his bike on Route 6 in La Plume Township on Saturday afternoon.

Officials said he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.


  • lmzs

    Please consider the family in mourning . Charlie was a avid rider for many years and it was his choice to wear a helmet. just like it is everyone else’s choice. I know he did wear a helmet from time to time, especially on long rides. Accidents happen people!!! that’s why they are called accidents! I know people who had all protective gear on and had an accident and they still lost their life. I really don’t think the family and friends of Mr. Major wants to hear all the asinine comments from everyone out there. and please people in car accidents , wearing seatbelts have head trauma and other major injuries , what ? are we going to have to wear a helmet to drive a car , just incase someone hits you head on or you have any other type of accident????? come on , really????? please let them grieve for Charlie, he passed doing something he loved and it was obviously his time to go.

  • jpwillys

    My condolences to the family. I wish motorcyclists would see how many people we are losing which could possibly be avoided by simply wearing a helmet. Just because there is no law saying you have to wear one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Hindsight is always 20/20, and I bet many would have worn a helmet if they knew what was going to happen on that fateful day. Every ride could be the last and should be looked at that way. Sympathy to all who lose loved ones way to early.

    • Warlock

      Not every motorcyclist wants to survive certain injuries. Some us of prefer death over being just a head, unable to do what we love and being a burden to our family to the day we die. Some of us have raised our kids and just want to live out our lives the way we choose. I have no idea in Mr. Major was such a man but at least he died doing what he enjoyed the way HE chose to do it.

      Rest in peace, brother.

      • JP

        Understood about not wanting to survive certain injuries, and I wouldn’t want to either but wow. You could still have traumatic injury without it affecting your head whether you are wearing a helmet or not. A helmet just gives a better chance of you being able to make future decisions for yourself. As someone who went through watching a family member lie in an induced coma, among her broken leg, arm, punctured liver and lung, fractured skull, removal of her spleen, and not to mention the burns on her body. It left her family to make some terrible (i.e. heart breaking) decisions. Luckily, she was able to pull through and for the most part will lead a normal life, but she still does not wear a helmet when she rides. However, my dad who has riden all his life and raced for a time almost sold his Harley after going through that but still rides with a helmet. I just hope that people think about what could happen and go from there, it is your choice not to wear one. But I hope your kids if you have any never have to finish growing up without their father. I know I would miss mine! And I am sure they would miss theirs.

      • terika77

        Wow, what you wrote sounds like something my dad would have said… If it wasn’t for the fact that it was posted only a month ago, 2 years after his death on his motorcycle without a helmet, I would have totally thought it was him who said it. I got chills reading your post…. Please stay strong for your children’s sake. You have no idea how much you mean to them and how much it will affect them if they lose you. Put that helmet on, please…


    R.I.P Mr. Major – Blessings of comfort to his grief stricken loved ones ——— Horrible Spring and summer in WNEP viewing area this year for cyclists, very sad.

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