Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Good Cause

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SCRANTON -- With temps hovering around 90 degrees, Tuesday was a great day for a cold glass of lemonade.

Some kids in Scranton were selling the refreshing beverage on Cornell Street.

The money raised will go to help the Shriners Hospital.

The lemonade stand will be up all week.


  • cuda73

    I do believe that they are on a city sidewalk and they need a permit to have it there. They need to move it onto the grass or they are subject to a fine.

  • Fast Eddie

    NEPA, home of the ugliest women in America. They don’t even try and it is perfectly acceptable.

  • Burtfan

    Don’t let the IRS get wind of this, they’ll shut them right down and arrest them for attempted tax evasion!

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