Free Pool Passes Available For Scranton Swimmers

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SCRANTON -- An effort to give every child in the city of Scranton an opportunity to swim this summer is paying off.

Members of the Hill Neighborhood Association started giving out free season passes Tuesday for the Nay Aug Park pool.

Families who stopped by the office on Prescott Avenue had to prove that they are residents of Scranton, that their children attend the Scranton School District and are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

"Just because they are of an income that they can't afford a pass, that's why we are interceding, hopefully to help them," said Ozzie Quinn, Hill Neighborhood Association.

The cost for each of the $50 passes handed out was covered through donations and fundraisers.


  • c elizabeth floyd

    Warlock,Snshn,Fast Eddie, You three should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you shouldn’t be swimming in the pool!!!! You really need to get a grip..I was 1 of nine children who if it weren’t for free public pools my siblings and I would not have had a place to swim. My mother raised us alone as my father died leaving 6 children under the age of 18 still at home, AND SHE WORKED. How can you even look at yourselves in the mirror. I hope for your sakes you never fall on hard times because you won’t know what to do. Children should be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer including swimming at a public pool(which should be free).
    If more people thought and acted like Mr.Quinn and the Hill Neighborhood Association, and Allied Services then ALL of the children of Scranton would be able to enjoy the pools, not just the ones “who have enough money”.

  • jpwillys

    Nice to see someone in Scranton trying to do something good. It is not the fault of the kids and they deserve to enjoy summer to! Why punish the kids whose parents may be deadbeats, and sometimes even good families with good values just have a hard time making ends meet. To the ones down on the kids, maybe you would rather them stuck outside playing in the streets and trying to find their own amusement. At least with this there is some degree of supervision for these kids. Glad to see the residents of Scranton aren’t paying for it, through their taxes. Think they have paid enough over the years.

  • Janelle

    Really ‘warlock’? They’re little kids not animals! They shouldn’t have to suffer because they’re parents are less than productive members of society!!

  • Snshn

    I have to agree with both Fast Eddie & Warlock.
    The pool will become a cesspool now.
    That isn’t to say that their aren’t many children who deserve the passes, but the majority of them will be unworthy.

  • Fast Eddie

    It is simple reverse psychology. Rewarding people who don’t try builds a strong work ethic for everyone.

  • Warlock

    Terrific. Now decent people won’t be able to swim up there because all the undesirables will be back making the place nasty. Hello, staph infections.

    The whole point of the fee was to separate the unclean from the rest. Now’s it’s going to go right back to being a giant toilet. Brilliant.

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