Cop Back On The Job In Laceyville

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LACEYVILLE -- Laceyville borough officials voted Tuesday night to reinstate a suspended police officer.

Full-time officer Matt Chamberlain, who has been with the department for two years, was suspended without pay in June after pictures surfaced of him selling a semi-automatic weapon from his police cruiser while on duty.

The pictures were taken outside a business in Wyalusing, Bradford County, where Laceyville police patrol.

"I'm glad this whole unfortunate situation is behind us so we can move forward and we can start patrolling again," said Laceyville Police Chief Scott Perry.

After the apparent gun sale, Officer Chamberlain was suspended without pay, not for the sale, which officials said was legal, but for conducting personal business while on duty.

Now, Laceyville officials have decided to reinstate Officer Chamberlain immediately and put him on six months' probation.

People living in Laceyville had mixed opinions about the decision, but most Newswatch 16 spoke with seemed happy with it.

"Who am I to say? I'm just a citizen, you know?" said one woman who said she supported whatever borough officials decided. She did not want to give her name.

"I don't think he should lose his job. I think it was a poor decision and he shouldn't have done it on duty but he's a great cop in this town. I haven't been here long but from what I hear and what I see, he's a great cop, there's no reason he should lose his job over it. Bad decision, but some people do that. People make mistakes," said Ashley Welch of Laceyville.

Officer Chamberlain was not at Tuesday night's meeting in Laceyville.



  • Gerald

    So the same people who complain there are to many guns on the street is caught selling them out of his car. They really don’t want them off the street, they just like to complain to up their salaries and be able to retire even younger because they have such a dangerous job that he his contributing to that danger.

    • AJB

      Ya, Police have it soooo good haha wake up. You think he sold it to a thug? You think he didn’t do some sort of background check? No of coarse he didn’t.. he just sold it so he will be “able to retire even younger”. Dumb and ignorant is no way to go through life..

      • Gerald

        Other then government jobs where can you work 25 yrs retire. I get sick of hearing government employees say they can’t work till regular retirement age. What about nurses, we have nurses working till there 67 to 70 yrs old and put in 40 to 50 years of work and get no health insurance or pension for life. How many 45 to 50 year nurses do you know that are retired? Nurses have to work longer into life and harder then any government employee.

    • AJB

      You’re completely off-topic Gerald. You think Police Officers have it so good then pick up an application. No? Oh well than quit your whinning. And by the way.. this is coming from a nurse!

  • Mary Sturdevant

    Officers are public officials who are very visible to the community, and as such should be extra conscious of what they role model for others. Although he didn’t commit a crime, his actions send the wrong message to the community on several different levels. That said, I support the councils decision in the hopes that Officer Chamberlain continues the great service he has provided otherwise and learns from this experience.

  • Fast Eddie

    If he was caught kissing a dude on the clock, he would be a national hero by now. Clock-kisser.

    • Christine

      Glad he’s back on the job. Officer Chamberlain is one of the guys that we want on our side and one that our kids can look up to.

  • Burtfan

    Cops just like any working stiffs conduct non business related activities while on the clock. Why not fire all the big shots who play golf in the middle of their work day or leave on a Thursday to ge tothe lake cabin for a long weekend? These guys put their lives on the line for our communities every day, I would consider a few non- related work activities as a perk for the guys considering they don’t have any other perks available to them.

    • WW

      So, you have no problem with police officers wasting your tax-payer money on whatever the hell they want to while on shift just because, “the job is dangerous”? That makes no sense. My job is dangerous as hell. Does that mean I can sell my homemade necklaces and trinkets between blasts, just because it’s a dangerous job??? Your argument makes no sense whatsoever.

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