Beating the Heat in Central PA

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The phones were ringing off the hook at Lake Augusta Outfitters at the Shikellamy State Park near Sunbury. Employees say people called all day, wanting to rent equipment.

"I could use three more boats, five more jet skis, ten more kayaks and they'd be rented all the time. It's been a good start to the summer," Angela Troutman said.

Employees at the rental shop say business is good because the weather is hot and sunny, unlike last year when the park was closed during 4th of July because of high river levels. Linda Hickman of Selinsgrove and her family took advantage of the hot weather and rented a pontoon boat.

"We just want to relax. I brought a magazine and a book and that's all I'm going to do this morning," Linda Hickman said.

Other people cooled down with some sweet treats.

"A brownie freez and it's currently dripping on me," Torey Vansickle said.

Torey Vansickle works across from the Lewisburg Freez on Route 15. He and a few other people had the same idea.

"Actually just got done putting away some product over where I work and it was pretty hot so I decided to come over and get some ice cream," Vansickle said.

But for some people the hot weather is just too much to handle so they'd rather spend the day inside in the air conditioning. So for many people that means going to the movies.

"It feels much nicer in here compared to out there," Lukas Hupp said.

Lukas Hupp says one of the reasons he came to the Cinema Center near Selinsgrove was to get out of the heat and into the air conditioning.

"To get away from the heat and enjoy a film," Hupp said.

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