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Woman Shoots Intruder With Pellet Gun

SUNBURY–We learned today that a woman took matters into her own hands when she returned to her home in Sunbury and found an intruder ransacking the place.

Police say the woman grabbed a pellet gun and started firing!

Sandra Norris said she is still shaken up after shooting the intruder twice with a pellet gun. Norris said when she got home last night and saw the man he was holding her television set and she thought he was going to shoot her so she took matters into her own hands.

People who live on Fairmount Street in Sunbury say it is usually a quiet section of the city, but a random home invasion over the weekend has neighbors shaken up.

“This is a nice area up here and for this to happen is just out of the ordinary. Very out of the ordinary,” Mike Folk said.

Sunbury police believe a man broken into this house Sunday night. When the woman who lives there came home and saw the intruder, she shot him at least twice with a pellet gun. Investigators say the man got away through the back door of the house. Cops believe the home invasion was random.

“Being this close, I just found out about it so I’m getting a little concerned, but not that concerned because we can protect ourselves,” Brian Clark said.

Brian Clark lived in Sunbury for most of his live.

“Things are really turning around in this town. There’s a lot of drugs. A lot of violence. It’s getting worse. People are breaking into houses, stealing stuff so they can go get drugs,” Clark said.

Police describe the man in his late 20’s was wearing tan boots, jeans and a hoodie.

The home invasion has people who live around here especially shaken up because it happened about 100 yards away from where the body of Troy LaFerrara was found down this alleyway. That’s the man Elytte and Miranda Barbour are accused of killing.

“We moved here a year ago and since then the murder of that man and now the shooting. I’m not really comfortable living here honestly,” Sandy Shaffer said.

“We make sure everything’s locked up here,” Folk said.

The woman who shot the intruder says he left a trail of blood and a lot of fingerprints. Sunbury police recommend all residents lock their doors and windows, as well as keep their front and back porch lights on. If you see anything or anyone suspicious you are asked to call 911.


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