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Kevin’s Law Signed, Family and Other Supporters React

HARRISBURG— Governor Tom Corbett signed Kevin’s Law Monday night, hours after the Pennsylvania State Senate passed it almost unanimously.

The law, named for a Luzerne County boy killed by a hit-and-run driver changes the mandatory minimum sentence for those who leave the scene of a deadly crash.

“The law must not reward callous disregard for lives and ethical decision-making. For people to have full faith and reliance in the criminal justice system,” said State Senator Lisa Baker, from Luzerne County.

Five-year-old Kevin Miller was killed just before Christmas in 2012 when he was hit by a car in Wilkes-Barre.

The driver did not stop.

“Obviously this doesn’t bring him back but it will help other families not go through what we have gone through,” said Caroline Miller, Kevin’s mother, who added, “it means our son’s death was not in vain.”

Wearing yellow in his honor, family and friends of Kevin Miller headed to Harrisburg to see the State Senate pass the bill by a vote of 49 to 1.

A few hours later, Governor Tom Corbett signed it into law.

“I’ve seen cases like this as an assistant district attorney and they just really rip at your heart,” he said.

Family and friends of other Luzerne County hit-and-run victims were at the Capitol, too.

Kevin’s Law means the mandatory minimum punishment for a driver who leaved the scene of a deadly crash will be three years behind bars. It used to be one year.

“One year behind bars is not enough time. Three years is not enough time, but it’s a step up from where it’s at now,” said Jody Stadt, whose uncle was killed in a hit-and-run crash.


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  • Ryan

    So now you get 3 years for hit and run, and three years if you stay at the scene. So 50 vs 50% chance of being caught and serving the same jail time. Lol People are still going to leave now.

  • Jonathan Walker

    “Kevin’s Law means the mandatory minimum punishment for a driver —> who leaved <— the scene of a deadly crash will be three years behind bars. It used to be one year."

    Seriously, WNEP? Intelligence isn't among your strengths I suppose.

  • Uncle Billy

    Amendments attached to the bill include sentencing concessions for:
    Good looking chicks
    Political connections/contributions
    Your daddy knows somebody who knows somebody.

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