Fireworks Tents Popping Up All Over

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SUNBURY -- Tents selling fireworks are popping up all over our area but employees say they are not very busy yet.

John Young and his son Johnny spent the day shopping for fireworks at the Keystone Fireworks tent in Sunbury. The family is hosting a Fourth of July party and is looking for some items that will make it "go off with a bang"!

"We set off the little ones for the little guys, but us grownups like to show off and have the big boys and hopefully no one calls the police on us!" said Young.

But John and Johnny were some of the only people buying fireworks in Sunbury. Employees say the tent has not been too busy yet but that people promise to come shop later in the week.

In Lewisburg, the fireworks tent was also quiet. TNT Fireworks employee Kyle Mumper says the stand, just off Route 15, opened last week.

"We're kind of here so that people get an eye for us. They drive by and see that the tent is here. It really starts to pick up in July."

Mumper says the customers who have stopped in seem to know what they want.

"Definitely, people come in all the time looking for sparklers and all that. Packaged kits are a big deal just because we put it all together and discount the price, so they generally do really well."

Johnny Young of Shamokin knows exactly what he wants.

"I like the ones you throw on the ground," he said.

"The snappers? I've got some of those up there for you!"

It's important to stay safe when lighting the fireworks. Keep a bucket of water handy at all times and make sure adults are present when you light the fireworks. When you light them, make sure the fireworks are on a flat surface. As soon as you light them, back away and enjoy.

Employees at both tents say they've already sold out of some items this year so they recommend coming early to get what you want.


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