Woman Charged after Crash with Police

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OLD FORGE -- Charges were filed after nearly four months after a woman allegedly plowed her car into a police car in Lackawanna County.

Michele Turk, 27, was led out of the Old Forge police station, early Saturday morning.

Officials said Turk faces aggravated assault, reckless endangering and driving under the influence charges.

According to authorities, Turk allegedly caused the crash back on March 8th and arrest papers show Turk was drunk and on drugs when she plowed her car into a Taylor police car, while trying to elude officers.

Officials said no one was seriously hurt in that crash in Lackawanna County.


  • Garben

    Looks to me like she’s going to obviously be giving birth in jail and hopefully the baby isn’t addicted to the same meth she is

  • Fast Eddie

    God bless America, Fast Eddie is in love. I would treat you like the princess you are. I couldn’t imagine the jealousy you put up with every day. Everybody hates a beautiful woman and its not fair. You struggle too, but people think your life is ice cream because your so fine.Fast Eddie will be here for anything you need , so don’t be afraid to ask. I am here for you.

  • Dennis

    Not to be stereotypical–but why do all of these perps have tatoos? Just asking an academic question, not being judgmental. It seems like most of these pics on WNEP (and elsewhere) that show alleged criminals being drug off to jail, the accused are adorned abundantantly. Just curious–is there a connection? No offense intended to all of you who are tatooed.

    • Proud of my ink

      I have a tat on my shoulder honoring my father who gave his life at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea on Nov. 7th, 1950. I’ve never been to jail, dragged or other wise.

    • Jeffrey Bruce

      What an ignorant comment. I’m tattooed and I have never been arrested and I work a 9-5 every week and I am very responsible. Your comment is just as bad as saying there is a connection to crimes with certain races.

    • jennifer

      Wow… ignorance sometimes amazes me! I am a mother of 3 and in my 40’s married an upper middle class I too have many tattoos hold a full time professional job and I have never been drug to jail. I wonder how some of these commentors were raised…. How judgmental. I’m sure they are just as many Loonatics be in drug into jail without tattoos as there are with.

      • Dennis

        Jennifer, Clearly reading comprehension isn’t among your many professional accomplishments. What part of “academic” question for debate did you not understand? The numbers pretty much speak for themselves–the correlation between people incarcerated and their having tatoos is pretty apparent. Is that to say that everyone with a tatoo is going to go to jail?? No!! It does beg the question why this relationship exists. Go ahead all of you tatooed people dislike my comment if that makes you feel better about your ink. I just hope you’re more like Jennifer and less like Ms Turk.

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