“Extreme Precautionary Measures” Continue As Troopers Search For Suspected Killer
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Shooting Investigation in Williamsport


WILLIAMSPORT — Police are investigating a shooting in Williamsport.

Cops said it appears that someone was shot in the 600 block of Second Street around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

According to officers, the victim was put into a private vehicle which then drove off.

Williamsport police  said the investigation into the shooting in Lycoming County is still ongoing.


  • Scott

    I bought my house nearly 13 years ago and now I dread the idea of losing all the equity I have, but I am moving out of Williamsport – I have children and I fear for their safety. Sad I left Boston Mass to live here to get away from crime and look at this town now – exactly what I was trying to get away from. The people running this town either don’t have a clue at the infestation growing here or don’t know how to combat the drug dealers and they can no longer reassure the safety of the families and our children. If something isn’t done soon all there will be is drugs, crime and the politicians running this once quiet town.

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    PHILliamsport or PHILltown – Either way, I am almost sure it is the SCUM from Philiadelphia, the influx, druggie, thugs, cons, jailbirds, felons, homie low life losers of the human race ! Just shooting each other again risking stray bullets hitting law abiding innocent people !

    Good grief, Williamsport is such a sh*thole, because sh*t moved here and invaded our nice city !
    99% influx in my opinion are TRASH to the other 1% who really did try to better themselves I feel for you, but the 99% influx has done NOTHING to our community, they ruined our town !

    • Rebecca

      I don’t live there, but I work in Little Philly, and am looking for a job someplace else. I won’t go downtown on a bet. It’s sad what’s happened, but sadly there’s no constitutional, non rights violating way to clean up the mess now.

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