Man in Critical Condition after Motorcycle Crash

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LA PLUME TOWNSHIP — A motorcyclist was taken to the hospital Saturday after a crash in Lackawanna County.

State police said Charles Major, 60,  of Hop Bottom lost control of his motorcycle on a right-hand curve of Route 6 around 3:30 p.m. in La Plume Township.

According to officials,  Major is in critical condition after the crash on Saturday.

Troopers told Newswatch 16 the driver was not wearing a helmet when the crash happened in Lackawanna County.


  • lmzs

    have some consideration for the family please!!!! the is your choice to wear a helmet. I know people who had all protective gear on and still died in an accident! how would you feel if this was your family member and you had all these people making asinine remarks about it????? it was his choice and things happen. I know everyone has their opinions , but at a time like this during a terrible tragedy like this happening please I think t would be best to keep them to yourselves please!!! let the family grieve and mourn the loss of him and not need to read things like some posted above. I know the family well , Charlie was an avid rider for many years and very cautious while riding. an accident can happen to anyone!!!! that’s why its called an accident!!! wake the hell up please!!!

  • Greg Barkus

    I was on Rt. 61 between Paxinos and Shamokin cruising along at 55 wearing a helmet, gloves, etc, when along comes this guy passing me out. No helmet, one hand on the throttle, feet propped up like he’s at home in his recliner watching TV. An accident waiting to happen. Another statistic. No helmet, one hand on the throttle, passing everyone out. I guess he just wanted everyone to see how COOL he was.

  • MWM

    I think motorcycling is great, rode when I was younger, but not these days. Please, Please, PLEASE tho wear a helmut always! It’s for your own good!

  • wtf

    People have accidents all the time doing unwise things. I think there are better causes than this one. If he fell off his riding lawn mower, for whatever reason, would seat belts on mowers be a hot debate?

  • say what?

    Love how making stupid comments takes over the lives of some people with nothing better to do. Aye, father…

    • Sue

      I have to agree with you. The gentleman involved was a friend of mine. Have a little thought for the family etc. while busily judging others :-( Nice to know there are people out there so perfect that they CAN judge others.


    The law is STUPID in my judgement on no helmet ! CLICK IT OR TICKET in a car the State Police Billboard says, yet ride down a highway 55 to 65 MPH on a Motor Bike with no helmet – – – WOW !!! Looks like the lawmakers that enacted this danger rode bikes themselves when they made this rule, and I read the statistics, more bikers died of head trauma since no helmet law, that may have not died if they had a helmet. And I would want a helmet and visor on in case a bee flew into my face if I was riding on a cycle.

    LAWMAKERS ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE HELMET LAW AGAIN ! If click or ticket for a car, why on earth no helmet for a human going 55mph or more on a highway with no brain protection ???????

    You can damage your brain big time falling back on a sidewalk and hitting your head, let alone riding on a motor bike and falling off ! Horrible spring summer thus far in WNEP viewing area for Bike accidients/fatalities !
    I myself, am against them, cause of DEATH in my family years ago from one of these cycles, but no helmet is just crazy to pass as a law, then fine people for no seat belt in a car or truck.

    • Warlock

      “Save the brain.” Is that your message? First of all, anyone who decides not to wear a helmet cares less about their own brain than anyone else should. Second, do YOU want to care for these potential quadriplegics for the rest of their lives? If they don’t have enough common sense to look after their own well being, I don’t even want them in the gene pool.

      Thin the herd.

  • Charlie Lucky

    I have been riding for 40 years. Sometimes I will ride without my helmet, if the road is empty, and I am alone on my bike. But most of the time my helmet is on. I know guys who never wear a helmet and ride, and those are the guys who never took a spill, once you lay that bike down, you will never ride without a helmet again. I will pray for this brother and a full recovery.

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