Huge Smoky Fire Hits Business In Lackawanna County

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JESSUP -- Crews are responding to a fire in the mid-valley area of Lackawanna County.

It happened before 3:15 p.m. Friday.

A large plume of black smoke was visible from miles away.

Crews were called to the Scranton Cooperage on Mid-Valley Drive in Jessup. The facility recycles and cleans plastic barrels.

Firefighters used aerial ladder trucks to pour water on the fire.

A worker said he was working in the back of the plant when he heard a bang and people started yelling to get out.

Smoke from the fire made it hard to breathe in the area near the blaze. Emergency management officials are on the scene monitoring air quality.

Hazmat crews are also on the scene.

Water coming from the scene was a purple color. Officials said it was from ink and posed no danger.

Several bangs were heard and fire officials said they believed some of the barrels were exploding.

Some of the purple water did run off into the Lackawanna River according to DEP spokesperson Colleen Connelly but said there are no signs of wildlife being harmed.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Some residents in a nearby neighborhood were asked to leave as a precaution.

Video below courtesy: Lee J DeAngelis


  • Joe

    Scranton cooperage has been dumping toxic chemicals into the water supply for twenty years, maybe DEP will pay attention now, at least it wasn’t med waste this time. They should ask what they do with the leftover stuff that comes out of the empty barrels, and the water they use to wash them.

    • lilyjackson343

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  • jscranton

    there are always different chemicals that run in the water system but ya know it goes its not who you know its who you b!!!

  • steve

    LOL, fires happen there now & then most are put out by crew quickly. So you know that purple stuff is an industrial chemical that was in a bunch of old shipping containers stored there, it will be quite a while before that stuff disappears.

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