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Dentist’s License Temporarily Suspended

MONTOURSVILLE — For the second time this month, the state is accusing a dentist in our area of improper practices in keeping his instruments properly sterilized.

The first was a dentist from Shamokin. Now a dentist from Lycoming County faces similar accusations.

A report from the Pennsylvania Department of State details the reasons Dr. David Clouser of Montoursville got his license temporarily suspended by the Department of Health.

According to this report, the dentist admits to not properly sterilizing equipment. Now his current and former patients are encouraged to get tested for life-threatening diseases.

There was no answer at the office of Dr. David Clouser.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health temporarily suspended the dentist’s license after an investigation shows he did not follow appropriate infection control procedures.

The report shows Dr. Clouser admitted that he and his staff do not send out samples for biological spore testing which assures sterilization is taking place. The report says Clouser does not know when his instruments were last tested. Clouser also admitted he has not been sterilizing metal impression trays or dental tools.

Even so, some of his patients say they don’t believe it.

“When you sat in that chair did you ever feel that things weren’t sterile?” “No, not at all,” said Bryan Dunlop of Montoursville.

Dunlop says Dr. Clouser has been his dentist his whole life.

“The dentist has been my friend for a long time, since I was a kid. He’s been to my wedding. He’s a very nice gentleman, So I can’t believe that any of this is even happening.”

The Department of Health recommends former and current patients of Dr. Clouser get tested for Hepatitis B, C and HIV as a precautionary measure. The patients we spoke with say they refuse to do that.

“Nope,” said Dunlop. “I trust him.”

The Department of State says Clouser’s license is up to date and his office is located in the lower level of his house.

He claims to have closed his office, but some of his patients tell Newswatch 16 he is still practicing and Department of State officials say earlier this month Clouser would not let them inside to inspect his office.

A representative for the Department of Health says they have not received any reports of illness or disease transmission as of Friday.

Patients of Dr. Clouser are encouraged to call 1-877-PA-HEALTH Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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