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Building a Future in Edwardsville

EDWARDSVILLE — It takes tools to build a house, and volunteers to build a home.

“You get to meet the partner family and their relatives, and really develop a sense of community as we’re building a home for them.”

Wyoming Valley Habitat for Humanity has laid the foundation for a new family to move into this space on Green Street in Edwardsville.

“There was a home here that had burned down in a fire. The borough took over the property and donated it to us so that we could have this to build on,” said Habitat for Humanity board member Joe Dussinger.

Volunteers from PennDOT are helping to lay the groundwork for this future home.

“Construction, may it be residential, may it be roadway, they’re sort of tied together,” said PennDOT volunteer Carla Medura.

While volunteers finish up the framework right now, they’re going to be putting up these trusses over the weekend, and that’s when the house will begin to take shape.

“We’ll have this home completed in about 10 months. We typically will be one to two homes a year,” said Dussinger.

Habitat for Humanity is still deciding between two families to move into the home. Volunteers hope their work will measure up to the standards of whoever moves in.

“I drive by – I’m originally from Hanover – so I’ll drive by just to see their progress and how it’s coming along,” said Medura.

“They are just so appreciative. It’s part of their dream to have at some point have their own home,” said Dussinger.

And when that dream comes true, that’s when volunteers know they’ve nailed it.

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