14-Year-Old Race Phenom Kyle Strohl

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After six years and over 200 wins in the quarter midgets, Kyle Strohl strolled through the next three divisions.  In 2013, Strohl captured the Pro 4 track championship at Mahoning Valley Speedway.  This season, Kyle is racing, and winning, in the modified division, though he can't legally drive a car out of the driveway! Kyle Strohl is just 14 years old!

"There's a different horsepower change from the quarter midgets to these kind of cars and I didn't think I was ready for it and then I got used to it and adapted."

"When he ended up winning the 2013 championship, I said if you win that I'll buy you a modified.  I should've never said that," says Tim Strohl, Kyle's father.
It's paying off!  In April, Kyle became the youngest driver to win a modified feature at Mahoning Valley, leading from the pole to the checkers! Then, just a few weeks ago, he notched his second career win.  But, Kyle understands it takes more than winning to be successful.

"I try to treat everyone with respect.  I try not to run into anyone.  It's a new car and I'm trying to get used to it and racing against veterans like Earl Paules, Nevin George and Eric Beers, it's a great experience.  I didn't think I was going to be able to adapt that fast."

Kyle already has so many accomplishments under his belt and he's only 14, but at the rate he's going, don't be surprised if you see him racing wheel to wheel with drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch someday.

"I definitely want to do this going forward.  My dream one day is to make it into NASCAR hopefully.  I'm trying to do by best and get recognized by someone and hopefully I get in."

"It's really tough watching him because he's only 14.  My biggest fear is to have him hurt or crash and wreck his car or anyone else.  It costs a lot of money to race this class and my goal is for him to earn respect from the other drivers."

Barely a teenager, already a champion, Kyle is competing with drivers three times his age.  With prizes, come pressure... but, Strohl is looking ahead... not in the rear view mirror.

"I think that people expect more out of me and I try not to let that affect me.  I just try to run my own race and try my best."

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