UGI Warns Customers: We Need Access Inside Homes For Project

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WILLIAMSPORT -- People in Williamsport are being told to expect strangers at their door asking to come inside but it's nothing to worry about. It's all part of a UGI project to upgrade natural gas lines in the city

UGI crews are making lots of noise outside on Cherry Street in Williamsport. They're putting plastic liners inside old service gas lines that lead into homes.

"The noise, other than that it doesn't really bother us."

Shannon Eichensehr lives on Cherry Street. She had her gas turned off for the day while UGI worked on the lines.

"The only gas we have is our heat and cooking. I can go without using the stove. I have lots of times," Eichensehr said.

In order to turn the gas back on, UGI crews had to get inside her home.

"I don't like people in my house when it's just me and the kids, but he's home at night so that should be OK."

"We do go into the home. Anyone that comes into the home will have identification," said UGI official Joseph Swope .

Sarah Lekites allowed a UGI worker inside her home.

"I was fine with it. I was there when he was doing it," Lekites said.

Some homeowners may not be home so workers can turn back on the pilot during the day. UGI says that's OK. They will come back when you call them, even if it's after hours.

"If there is an issue where they're not going to be home, they can make arrangements with UGI."

Homeowners can find UGI's number on a tag left on their door.

The company uses only those tags and face-to-face contact to inform customers about the gas line project, never by phone.

"If they are unsure of that the person does is a representative of UGI, they can ask to talk to one of the inspectors on the job or the foreman, or they can call UGI," said Swope.


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