Talkback Feedback: Serious News

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A lot of big stories in the news this week, that's why we needed to adopt a more serious, reverential tone for this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • Theresa Cywinski swoyersville

    I feel sorry for that man that died at the hands of a police officer, but the truth is no one has any respect for the police and any authority now. Back when , a policeman told you to stop you stopped. No one is afraid any more. Start teaching your children to respect authority.

  • lmzs

    Talkback 16 is a great way to hear the publics view. Don’t change a thing. for the people out there that does not like what is being aired on the news, well your only reporting what society has become, murders, drugs, arsons, rape, molestation, theft, vandalism, ect. if you don’t like it , don’t watch it , turn the channel and turn your head to what things have become and be blinded to what people has become. Maybe if people started looking at the kind of kids they are raising and creating , also how they are turning into these poor excuses for human life by taking others and hurting others there wouldn’t be reports on the news about it! Be and raise model citizens and you wouldn’t have to listen to reports like there is!!!!!!

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