Staying Safe on Amusement Park Rides

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ELYSBURG -- Rides like the ones at Knoebels Amusement Resort near Elysburg are arguably one of the best parts of summer. But if you do not know how to ride them safely, fun can quickly turn into tragedy. That's why officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture came to Knoebels to talk about ride safety.

"Every fair, every carnival, every amusement park is inspected every 30 days," George Greig said.

Agriculture Secretary George Greig learned about the safety procedures for the newest roller coaster at Knoebels: The Flying Turns.

He says the state devotes hundreds of people to inspect rides across Pennsylvania.

State officials believe 70 percent of injuries on rides occur not because of mechanical problems, but because of mistakes riders make.

"They should pay attention to the medical and the weight restrictions on the rides and always listen to the instructions from the ride operators," Greig said.

Another safety tip to remember is to make sure your seat belt or safety harness is fastened properly and your hands and feet are inside the car at all times.

Even though rides at all 109 of Pennsylvania's fairs and carnivals are inspected by the state, some parents say they are still a little nervous about them.

"I'm very particular. I want to make sure that they're going to be safe. If it doesn't look too safe they don't get on it," Jennifer Hoy said.

"We like her to go on some of the safer rides that have been here for a couple of years so that we know we can trust them," Mike Belles said.

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