‘Script King’ Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges

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STROUDSBURG -- Federal agents named him the "Script King," and on Thursday, John Romangnolo pleaded guilty in Monroe County.

Romagnolo, from Cresco, was accused of flooding pharmacies in the Stroudsburg area with hundreds of fake prescriptions for painkilers then had a bunch of dealers sell them.

The story was first reported back in March of last year, when the prescription drug ring from the Poconos to New York was busted. Romagnolo pleaded guilty Thursday to two felony charges.

According to his defense attorney, about a dozen other charges were dropped because Romagnolo has been cooperating with authorities.  He could face anywhere from six to 35 years behind bars.

Romagnolo is free on bail.  His sentencing date has yet to be set.



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  • cbf

    He should get the death penalty…. with all those kids selling for him, and get addicted, because of him, that’s a death sentence for all those kids! He is literally killing our children for his own gain!!

    • MWM

      …and then turning on them to boot like he is so innocent. At least they will stop selling one can only hope. This guy is a pig.


    It is rare to see someone with ambition these days.
    Too bad the fedshad to ruin a good thing.
    Just couldn’t stand to see an Italian be successful, I guess.

  • MWM

    Drug dealers roam free? As IF he couldn’t still operate while out on bail without getting his hands dirty..rats roam free I guess..he is a sitting duck. If he has a family he is putting them in harms way.

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