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Farmer’s Market Opens in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE — Well it’s officially summertime in Luzerne County now that the Wilkes-Barre Farmer’s Market has opened for the season.

On this first day of the 41st Annual Farmer’s Market in Wilkes-Barre, things are looking bright, fresh, and friendly.

“I love the market. I love the people. I love everything down here in Wilkes-Barre.”

It just doesn’t feel quite like summer in Wilkes-Barre until the entertainment, farmers, and food trucks fill Public Square downtown.

“We come every year. We like to get different produce. Sometimes we see something we haven’t seen before and it’s kind of fun to figure out how to prepare it,” said Wendy John, of Ashley.

Even though farmers say planting season was delayed this year, they’ve still got a pretty good crop and people are still coming to pick it.

“It’s been a little bit later, but still it’s all nice what we have.”

“Last year, there wasn’t very much because of the weather so there’s more than there was last year this time,” said John.

Chris Dymond, of Dymond’s Farms in Dallas, says they lost some fruit earlier this year because of the harsh winter, but were able to catch up and produce about the same amount of crops as they usually do.

“Everything else will be coming on, our cherries, blueberries. There’ll be tomatoes coming on, more cucumbers and pickles,” said Chris Dymond, of Dymond’s Farms.

That bodes well for shoppers.

“It looks good. It looks good so far.”

You can check out the Wilkes-Barre Farmer’s Market every Thursday on Public Square through early October.

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