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Community Shocked by Charges Against Postal Worker

CASTANEA — A former postal worker in Clinton County plans to plead guilty to stealing from the post office.

Federal prosecutors accuse the woman of embezzling thousands of dollars from the post office she used to run in Castanea.

Newswatch 16 spoke with people in the community who only had nice things to say about the woman.

The post office is one of the busiest places in Castanea, a community just outside Lock Haven.

Macey Geyer started working at the post office back in 2007. Now federal prosecutors accuse her of stealing more than $9,000 in postal funds.

“No, I never expected anything like that from Macey.” said John Arrigonie from Castanea.

Until recently, Geyer was “officer in charge” of the Castanea Post Office. Prosecutors say she took cash, money orders, and stamps between August 2012 and April of this year. John Arrigonie often stopped at the post office and knew Geyer.

“Yeah, I always bought stamps, but no money orders or things like that. Just pick up my mail and talk to her,” said Arrigonie.

When we stopped by the post office, workers didn’t have much to share with us. They did tell us Geyer is no longer working there.

In a plea agreement filed this week, Geyer agreed to plea guilty. It means she could face up to 10 years in prison along with a hefty fine.

“If you done the crime you should do the time. This getting slapped on the wrist thing, I just, you know,” said William Zimmerman who works in Castanea.

At the train station, a restaurant down the street from the post office, customers and the owner know Geyer.

“I think that people (say) ‘Oh, I’ll take this but I’ll put it back.’ Then we don’t have time to put it back thinking that we will. Things start happening and then you’re caught in things that you shouldn’t be caught up into,” said Michele Liddic, the owner of the Train Station.

“Was she a desperate woman or a greedy woman? I mean I think it depends on the circumstance. The punishment should fit the crime,” said Carol Riggle from Cogan Station.

When Newswatch 16 stopped by Geyer’s home, she wasn’t there. Her family spoke with us off camera. They say Geyer is embarrassed by the charges. Her plea agreement calls for her to be sentenced to probation, if a federal judge agrees.


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