Celebrating In Scranton As Team USA Moves On

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SCRANTON -- There were groups gathered in spots throughout our area anxiously watching the U.S. play Germany today and celebrations broke out when the U.S. advanced despite losing.

We were at a big World Cup party in Scranton that was filled with ups and downs and a lot of excitement.

Cheers rocked Ale Mary's bar in downtown Scranton and so did groans of agony as Team USA shots came oh so close to being goals.

This is thousands of miles away from the U.S. versus Germany game in Brazil, but the intensity and nervousness from fans was just about the same as being there.

So was the cheering.

"I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win."

"This is amazing. We're here to support USA. We're advancing in the group, we're taking it all the way baby!!" said Nick Webb of Glendale.

There was certainly a lot of enthusiasm from a jam-packed bar on an early Thursday afternoon.

"It's so cool. It's a Thursday afternoon and people are just that excited. I've heard so many people say 'I took a sick day.' 'I took a half vacation day from my job to be here and help!'" said Kristen Andrews, worker at Ale Mary's

"We're big followers of soccer and it's great just to be with everyone to enjoy the game," said Molly Garabito of Dallas. "Better than your living room!"

But it certainly wasn't all enjoying. The U.S. went down 1-0 in the second half, didn't score, then didn't win.

But fans realized quickly after the loss, the U.S. still advanced in the world cup.

"We lost but what's important is getting through and that's what we did. We took care of business," said Dan Kazmierski of Clarks Summit. "We're on to the next round and that's all we can ask for."

"Yeah, it's the best loss we've ever had. As an American sports fan, you can't ask for anything more," said Pat Griffin of Clarks Summit.

So as the fans leave happy after this one, they vow they'll be back for the next game. The U.S. is moving on!

"For all those watching, make sure you come to Ale Mary's next week. We need a bigger crowd than this!"

Team USA plays again on Tuesday at 4 p.m. Ale Mary's and other bars and restaurants in our area are holding viewing parties again then.