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The Nexxt Level Travel Basketball Team

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Inside the Muncy high-school gym in Lycoming County the Nexxt Level 16u girl's basketball team works on shooting. This is the inaugural season for two girl's travel basketball teams out of District IV. 16 girl's from all over the region make up the two teams, and their coached by a 3,000 point scorer in high-school in Kelly Mazzante from Montoursville, and former Williamsport boy's head coach Michael Bailey who won the 1999 AAAA state title with the millionaires.

"A team that started with a phone call at 7 in the morning and a parent meeting by 9 at night it's faster than the WNBA draft or the NBA draft so I'm pretty happy with what we got right now," said Michael Bailey.

"I love them. I think all the kids they come together. They play hard each and every week. We've had alot of success early so we're looking forward to continuing that into the July season," said Kelly Mazzante.

These two travel teams plan on having a busy summer. Trips to Nashville, DC, and Lancaster are in the works and for this 16u team the first time they played 5 on 5 together was at Riverfront Sports in Scranton this year and they brought home the title.

"That's going to be great we have had alot of success probably more than we expected playing together for the first time since we've really not had that many practices," said Brianna McLaughlin from Muncy.

"It's a great experience. I mean the fact that their not even getting paid to do this there just here to like volunteer and dedicate their time to us that makes us just that much more dedicated to this team too," said Maria Morgan from Bucktail.

Bailey brings wisdom to the team and coached great players like Chevy Troutman and Taurance Johnson. Mazzante has that Big Ten experience and a 10 year professional career in the WNBA and oversees. Two brilliant basketball minds molding one team.

"When i played i traveled to Philadelphia to play AAU basketball. To have this in your backyard and these kids can play all summer long it definitely means a lot and they can raise thier games."