Suspected Bank Robbers Say They Have Heroin Addictions

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KINGSTON -- Christopher Prince and Diana Poole of the Philadelphia area are charged with bank robbery.

The couple from the Philadelphia area are accused of robbing Community Bank in Edwardsville on June 11.

Police said surveillance pictures caught them both in the bank, taking cash and then running off.

After about two weeks on the run, cops said they caught them in Montgomery County Wednesday morning.

"We've been working on it with several departments, the FBI, state police. We were given very good leads on the whereabouts of these individuals," said Edwardsville Police Officer Mike Lehman,

Investigators said Prince and Poole have been cooperative, admitting to the robbery.

When asked why he robbed the bank, Price told Newswatch 16 "I don't know. I've got a drug problem. That's about it. "

Edwardsville police said the two were in Luzerne County for drug rehab at the time of the bank robbery.

Surprisingly, police say both suspects are relieved to have been caught.

"The female actually said she's glad she's caught. She wants to get some drug rehab and move on with her life," said Officer Lehman.

The two were charged in Kingston late Wednesday afternoon and jailed in lieu of $60,000 bail.



    They need sent to Prison after their Conviction. Not to a rehab paid for by the Taxpayer. Rehab is nothing but a vacation away from home and their drug habits until they go home.
    Let them dry out in a jail cell only aspirin for the with draw pain.
    We need to do this with all the druggies and waste no Taxpayer money.

  • Capt_Bogart

    In the state of PA, all these two had to do is run to a rehab center and enroll. The police can’t arrest them. Then after their rehab is up, due to the HIPPA laws, can be free to go without notifying the police that they are release. Nice laws we have in PA.

  • chester bugaski

    Lots of people have lots of problems in their lives and don’t commit crimes. Time for some personal responsibility and some jail time here, if convicted.

  • leeroy Jenkins

    maybe they will run into some of the “tainted” herion that is killing people! This way they wont be anyones problem anymore! So sick and tired! Everyone has an excuse! For everything! How about this! Be a responsbile adult! Get a Job! pay taxes! raise a family! Be a productive member of the human race!

  • mdog

    Sorry weak people but the heroin drug dealers are destroying human beings by the hundreds of thousands in this country alone. When caught and with sufficient evidence they need to be
    eliminated before they infect another with this horrible drug.

  • mdog

    When will the government stop this and execute the murderous drug dealers ?
    How many more girls will be shot in the face ?

  • MWM

    Well, given that drug addiction is considered a disease, rather than a life choice, some leniency might be expected, however, I don’t think the leniency should stretch beyond the punishment fitting the crime for whatever the reason given for committing it. Back in the day when we abused drugs it was considered a poor life-style choice and there was an accepted stigmatism attached to one’s addictions. Given the lack of available and/or affordable rehab options; prison seems to the best viable option for these addicts.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Does Ms. Poole really think she can go back to rehab and then “get on with her life”? Robbing Community Bank isn’t a forgive and forget crime hon!

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