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Pedestrian Hit By Car In Clarks Green

CLARKS GREEN — A woman was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car in Lackawanna County.

The crash happened around 10 a.m. Wednesday on South Abington Road in Clarks Green.

Police say the woman stepped in the path of a car that had a green light.

Authorities say her injuries were not life-threatening.

Police in Lackawanna County do not plan to file charges against the driver.


  • CF

    A person carrying a white cane, red tipped, issued by the BLIND ASSOCIATION was hit by a car!!! This seems to be a relevant fact that you neglected to mention! The intersection has 3, yes 3, traffic lights! I believe pedestrians have the right of way. I hope you are not advocating light color as the governing law of stop and go!

  • Sharon Krasowski

    You have left out some very important facts
    1 – the woman who was hit was carrying a blind cane and is a member of the local blind association and is disabled!
    2 – her injuries are serious! She has a 6″ laceration to her head a broken humerus and numerous bumps and bruises.
    No one in her family was interviewed and why weren’t charges pressed? Who was driver of car? Why couldn’t he stop of only traveling 20 mph? She is still hospitalized and will not return home for a long time. She requires rehab physical therapy and possible surgery! She is going to be unable to attend her lions beacon lodge camp for the blind! He needs a car repair! Really!

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