Nudist Resort Getting National “Exposure” For Beer Bash

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- A resort in the Poconos is getting some national “exposure” just for throwing a beer bash this Saturday.

However it may be the one requirement that’s causing the stir, clothes are not allowed, that’s giving this nudist getaway all that attention.

Sunny Rest Resort, near Palmerton, has all the amenities to provide a get-away from home.

There are plenty of places to stay on the 190-acre wooded spot in Franklin Township, Carbon County; there`s a restaurant and a night-club.

There`s only one condition: you've got to lose the clothes.

Owner Irving Mesher says after serving in the Navy and then as New York City battalion fire chief, he just got fed up with dressing up.

“Various uniforms, my entire life involved wearing some sort of identifying uniform,” said Mesher. “I said I have to do something to shed this, I want to be natural.”

Now a simple little beer party this Saturday has gotten this nudist resort some national, can we say “exposure”?

General Manager Myra Mesher says they posted the event on Facebook and the media caught wind.

“It was talked about on Fox News and the Huffington Post and it just went crazy,” said Mesher, who admits all the attention they are getting is most likely due to the fact that this is a nudist colony.

People visiting here can wear clothes, just not in the swimming pool or hot tubs.

And no formal wear needed for the beer party; the dress code is your birthday suit.

“You have to be nude for the beer bash, in the confines of the beer bash area, we don`t want any voyeurs coming just to look at people,” said Myra.

Waitress Jeanne-Marie says if you visit, it`s a guaranteed good time.

“This is a great place to work, people are a lot of fun, I always have a lot of fun, people are really nice, people that come here are always really happy,” said Jeanne-Marie.

“A lot of people attach sexuality to it and there`s nothing sexual about it,” said Sean, who came in from New York State. “It`s about enjoying the beautiful weather, it`s about being with wonderful people and there`s nothing else about it, you don`t get any tan lines.”

The beer bash at Sunny Rest is this Saturday, June 28 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Tickets are still available, $16 in advance, $18 at the door and there’s a discount for those wanting to stay and camp overnight.




    I will visit there someday when I get the nerve up , but there is one thing I’m concerned about-I am a healthy, straight, red blooded male and I would probably be at the 12 o’clock position depending on the quality of females walking around!


    Of a couple wants to go to a nudist resort and it’s legal, then what’s the problem. I know a couple that goes to one and the rules are very specific. If you get caught staring you could get tossed out. You cannot touch anyone in a sexual manner in public at all. If you do, your gone. And you must use a towel to sit on resort furniture. And if you get any type of arousal and it shows, you would be side to cover it up. A nudist colony, or resort is not a huge orgy with everyone having sex. You can only have sex behind closed doors, not in public. If you don’t like the idea you don’t have to go. But don’t call people sick or prevents just because they enjoy being at places like that.


      Sorry about some misspelled words. Auto correct decided it was going to change the words AFTER I proofread it. First word should have been if. And side should have been wise where is was saying what you should do if you got aroused.
      Sorry, again

    • crackers81

      Religion has gone to such lengths to demonize sex, the human body, and frivolity that they have literally fetishized sex itself to the point that many people cannot see the human form in any other context BUT sexuality. It never even occurs to them that nudity is not a sexual thing in all scenarios. It’s very bizarre to me, even as a person who would NEVER be caught dead at one of these events. They aren’t hurting anyone, like you said, and dangly parts are not going to cause the downfall of modern society.

  • tom

    Vector is what I meant.and Bill you got it right.nudism is about freedom of choice,which is being lost in america.if you don’t like nudism don’t go but don’t sit there and judge us that for pervert.molester s .drunks and women beaters.

  • maureen

    This place is called a “Resort”? Really? I would be up for it but I’ve seen gas stations here in Florida that are landscaped better. The Poconos have the tackiest, filthiest and out-of-date “resorts” I have ever seen in The United States.

  • Hector

    In my opinion, nudism is strange ! An adult couple wants to see each other nude in their own home or own their own private land that’s their business, but what is the real object of group nudism ? Just so men can sneak a peak at some of the different ladies ? I can’t speak for women, but men like to gawk at women, and that’s a fact I bet at least 99% do —— the other 1% are liars ! I do not want to be in some group with my wife and have other men looking at her, nor me looking at an others wife, but to each his own, this is just my opinion, just as the nudists can have their own — PEACE !

  • jake

    Hey Bill, there is nothing ‘wacky’ about someone conservative and religious. Believe me, you have no idea how many nice things happened to you based on people being religious and helping you out. I guess if your neighbor had their kids on the street nude advertising for sex you’d find that offensive? You’ll say yes and base it on a few reasons but a more liberal person than you would come around and say Bill the conservative. So shutup and respect other peoples limits. Just because they aren’t your own doesn’t mean you should attack.

    • Bill

      I find it hysterical that a person who wants to be respected for his feelings and beliefs tells everyone who does not follow the doctrine to shut up and respect them LOL i shall not! This is America bud, i can say and feel whatever the hell I want to! move to Russia if you wanna tell people how to feel and what to believe and love and live!

      • E

        Hey bill why is it ok for you to bash others on this comment board but when I state that you live in a white trash slum that’s deserves to be overrun by gangs and drugs you get angry? You said it bill this is America and I can say what I want. If you don’t like what I have to say bill take your own advice and move to Russia. Ha ha ha ha !

  • Bill

    Good for them! Do whatever you want and enjoy yourselves! This country is wrapped so tight and so ridiculously prude and obnoxious about everything. A woman can;t even breast feed her child without some conservative religious whackjob making it a dirty despicable thing! Go natural, sounds great! I hope their business booms after all the hub bub!

    • MWM

      True conservatives are neither far right or left. True conservatives believe in free-will as long as it’s not bringing someone harm or breaking the law. I have no issue with women breastfeeding in public and anybody who does is an idiot. If she feels more comfortable in a private place that’s up to her. Given all the lechers out there it might be best for her to do it in private. Being an urban transplant I am not one for hunting, however, hunting lechers might be fun. Me personally, seeing a bunch of naked people is still gross…unless one is a lecher.

    • tom

      Vector you have no idea what your talking wife and I go to sunnyrest and have the most amazing people there.don’t judge us for something you have never tried.

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