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Mountain Top Named Tops In Housing Survey

MOUNTAIN TOP — One community in our region has been named the top place for home ownership in Pennsylvania.

The consumer group NerdWallet named Mountain Top in Luzerne County the best place in the state to buy a home.

NerdWallet is a consumer group that analyzes financial information about credit cards, insurance, and mortgages. It named Mountain Top the top place in Pennsylvania to buy a home, based on home values, availability, affordability, and growth in the area.

Take a drive through Fairview Township in Mountain Top and you’ll notice something: large, beautiful homes and a fair amount of for sale signs.

“There were five houses when we moved here. We were one of the first five, and it doesn’t take long to sell in here, probably no more than a month,” said Sharyn Wurst of Fairview Township.

Experts say this availability of homes in Mountain Top is just one of the reasons Nerd Wallet named it the top place to buy a home in Pennsylvania.

NerdWallet’s study shows that the population of Mountain Top has increased in recent years. That and the affordability of the homes also helped Mountain Top top the list.

“There’s a lot of higher-end homes, and it seems like the houses in the $200,000 mark are really selling a little bit faster right now,” said realtor Pam McGovern.

McGovern isn’t just a realtor here. She also runs the Mountain Top welcome club.

“Our members live in all the different neighborhoods, so we always look for people moving in and invite them.”

It wasn’t mentioned in the study, but every person we spoke with mentioned Crestwood School District. They say because it’s so good, it increases the value of the homes here.

“We heard about the great school districts and how it’s good to raise families up here,” said Julia Albu of Fairview Township.

“The first thing we looked at was the school district when we moved here 22 years ago because we did have four children in school. This neighborhood has really appreciated. We’re really fortunate,” Wurst added.

Weigelstown and Hershey near York and Harrisburg were the closest Pennsylvania cities to our region to also make the top ten of best places in Pennsylvania to buy a home.


  • TJ Jankouskas

    Mountaintop is a beautiful community, and Crestwood School District is at least a decent alternative to the other schools in the area. MMI Preparatory School, however, is a great private, college prep school, and it’s only 15 minutes from Mountaintop. Busing is also provided from Mountaintop. So you can live in a great neighborhood with a great school.

  • Hello World

    With all due respect Rcompton, after being in the school district for all 13 years, recently graduating and going off to further my education at college, I (and many others) have heard numerous stories of other college students from all around PA, and various other states, talk about their high school’s curriculums and they are far better off in certain classes that the crestwood school district is failing to expand upon. I’m not saying the school is bad, I’m just saying it needs some improvement. And I did note that Crestwood was better off than other schools in the area. My parents both went to WB area high schools, so I don’t need to send my kids (that dont exist) to GAR to understand your point. On the plus side, at least our buildings aren’t falling apart.

    • Proud Mom of a Crestwood Graduate

      My son Nick graduated from Crestwood High School in 1999. Since then he graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and just this month graduated from Hahneman University Hospital in Philadelphia as an Anesthesiologist. Crestwood did something right to prepare my son to be accepted at Ursinus College which enabled him to begin a career in medicine. Thank-you Crestwood!

  • Rcompton

    The Crestwood school district especially Rice Elementary is on the top of the local schools. Ask any student and they will probably tell you something different but what do they have to compare it to. I move here 25 years ago and my children went here. Now my grandchildren go there. The schools are top notch. If Hello World think they are bad send them to one of our city schools. Ask them to send their kids to GAR. They will see the difference.

  • Hello World

    I love the recognition that Mountain Top is getting, but I wouldn’t say that Crestwood School District is anything to write home about. Compared to the other schools in the area, maybe, but I wouldn’t praise it by any means. If you reached out to some of the students instead of the parents, I’m sure you would get a more accurate (and opposite) perspective on the school district.

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