Bank Robbery Suspects Nabbed

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KINGSTON -- The man and woman who police believe held up a bank earlier this month are now in custody.

The pair suspected of robbing a bank in Edwardsville two weeks ago were brought back to the area Wednesday afternoon.

They are locked up in Luzerne County after being charged around 5 p.m.

Christopher Prince and Diana Poole, from the Philadelphia area, are accused of robbing the Community Bank in Edwardsville on June 11.

Police said they took several thousand dollars from the bank. Police said security photos showed them running from the bank.

Investigators said tips led them to the couple in Montgomery County.

"Did you rob that bank?"

"I did," said Prince. "I got a drug problem. That's about it."

Poole said nothing as she was led to court but admitted that she also has a drug problem.

Investigators said Prince and Poole were in the area as part of a drug rehab program.

Police said they are also wanted in Chester County on parole violations and failure to appear charges.



  • SICK OF THE TRASH ! Black and White !

    It is sad, this is a good looking young woman, who could better herself and break free from this addiction and turn a new chapter in her life, a positive one !

  • Tim

    Jail will be a good place for them to dry out. Wait til they go sober for a few days. It’ll be fun for them fighting those demons.

  • LC

    “Poole said nothing as she was led to court but admitted that she also has a drug problem.”


  • Mac Daddy

    They don’t have a drug problem, they have a drug habit. All the rest of us are the ones who have the problem.

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