Animal Abuse Charges Filed Over Carbondale Dog

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CARBONDALE — Police filed animal cruelty charges against a woman after a dog was found wandering around a community in Lackawanna County.

Carbondale police say the dog owned by Britany Staples was found neglected late last month.

It was taken to an animal shelter.

Staples was charged on Tuesday.

Authorities say the woman from Carbondale was hit with animal cruelty charges in Susquehanna County in May.

Authorities say she left another dog tied up in a basement without food or water.


  • lmzs

    I think it is a downright shame how this poor dog and the first one in Susquehanna County was treated. No animal or human should ever be treated like this. If you are going to have a pet , then take care of it or take it to the shelter before they become malnourished. As for Danielle Naugle and Zachary Mitchell , I think these two people should go and get their eyes checked and stop defending this sorry excuse for human flesh that would treat another living being like this. Brittney Staples and all other abusers should be fined and held to the fullest extent of the law for this terrible , terrible crime!!!!! and I think they should be made to be put on a list just as child abusers are and be posted all over so other people to see what kind of horrible person they are. If the dog was not neglected, I don’t think the authorities would take the dogs away and take action against her if they were ok!!!! Ya think???? Just makes you wonder how their children look and are taken care of , if there are any?????? And anyone who would stick up for people that do this is just as sick as they are!!!!!! Great job WNEP for the report and airing of this story. Keep up the good work!

  • Danielle Naugle

    That dog was never abused he was veryfriendly and lovable. Who ever said he was thats bullshit that lady did nothing wrong I think everyone that left a rude remark should know the truth first . That dog was very plump he was with a loving family and was a loved member of a family. He was never tied up nor put up for fighting he ate everything in sight everyone needs to get the story correctly before making rude remarks and ignorant comments .

  • Zachary Mitchell

    As someone who knows Brittany and as the Boyfriend of her Niece I can say this is false. I’ve been to her house, and I know for a fact there was no dog in the basement and that dog in the picture I haven’t seen once in the entire 3 years I’ve been in a relationship with her niece.

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