Parents, Students React To Superintendent’s Resignation

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SCRANTON -- Parents and students in the Scranton School District are talking about the sudden resignation of their superintendent.

Bill King, who oversaw the district for the past five years, had his resignation accepted at a board meeting Monday night.

At the fields for the West Scranton Little League, the abrupt resignation of the Scranton School District's superintendent is on everyone's mind.

Most of these children attend the city's schools and many say they are surprised and saddened that Superintendent Bill King will be leaving.

“Because he's really good and I just want him to stay, the superintendent, I just don't want him to go,” said Meadow Curyk, who attends West Scranton Intermediate School.

“It's just going to be different with the new superintendent coming in, to see what he'll do, whoever it may be, and being it's my senior year, you don't know what will happen,” said one student who attends West Scranton High School.

King's resignation was accepted by the school board at meeting Monday night and will be effective on October 1st of this year.

No reason was given.

Marilyn King, who is not related to Bill King, has three grandchildren in the district and says there's more to this story.

“He wasn't fired, he wasn't demoted, he made the decision to leave, but why?” said King. “We may never know.”

King's resignation set off some fireworks at the board meeting.

With members at odds with each other, parents worry that could deter qualified candidates.

“Absolutely. Who wants to step into his shoes and deal with what he had to deal with,” said parent Shannon Maskal.

But Rosemary Boland, the teacher's union president, doesn't see a problem filling the position.

“There are many people available from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pocono has laid off many people, and I know there are qualified applicants all over the country that would love to come to Scranton,” said Boland.

Boland says, during her teaching career in the district, she worked for eight superintendents, saying King’s departure is not out of the ordinary.


  • D simp

    I agree she is not low class…..but she got a slap in the wrist for a horrible crime…..dui is not a mistake you have to drink and get behind the wheel that is a choice and her children were in the car even worse….this the second ssd employee in recent months as the football coach at west scranton was also arrested for dui but they still have their jobs every other person would have been handed their pink slip and escorted out the door

    • E

      Alcoholism is a proud part of the culture in West Scranton that’s why the football coach still has his job. Anyone who has spent any time there knows DUIs are very popular and to most just a part of life. Business as usual. People in that area pride themselves on how much they can drink and some even brag about getting DUIs. I’m not exaggerating one bit. Scranton, no other place like it in the world. Lol.

  • Barb

    i Really Reall think Miss Boland would be an excellent candidate…I truly do…She has all the leader qualities and knowledge and a sincere interest in the kids and their welfare..

  • A

    Thank God , is all I can say, he was really good, umm I think not, and his low class wife should be in jail.. end of story.

    • Diane

      You obviously don’t know them. They are nice people and because she made a mistake makes her low class? Its all over the news because its Mr Kings wife. If it was you or I it wouldn’t be all over like it is.

      • lkreu

        I could not agree more with you – one mistake does not make you low class- there for the grace of God go I – I bet we will not hear from him againe

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