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Longtime Post Office Closes in Wayne County

STARLIGHT — A longtime post office in rural part of Wayne County may have seen its last piece of mail.

It closed over the weekend and now people have to go several miles away to the next post office.

The tiny post office at Veronica Allen’s home in Starlight had been open for nearly 60 years. This weekend was its last.

The U.S. Postal Service planned to cut back hours at the post office and the postmaster, Allen, chose not to renew the lease, said a spokesperson. That means customers like Jerry Fay who runs Starlight Lodge, a nearby bed and breakfast, will have to get used to going farther to send mail.

2 miles to the Preston Country Market which may have its postal hours cut back as well or five miles to Lakewood’s post office.

“It’s been around here forever, we’ve grown accustomed to it. The personalized service, it’s going to be missed,” said Fay.

Fay said the small post office down the road in Starlight was convenient for business as well as guests. Now the future of any post office locations is in the hands of the U.S.P.S. which has been looking for ways to cuts costs to stay in business. Faye wishes his local post office would do just that.

“We would like to, all of us understand restrictions, go to the grocery store and things cost more, so what are you going to do?,” he said.

“It’s a shame because the post office is a part of the community. It’s where you meet neighbors, find out news,” said Sari Schwartz, owner of The Inn at Starlight Lake.

Schwartz the post office is a big part of Starlight. Postal customers filled out surveys this month and will have their say at a meeting next month with post office officials, however the U.S. Postal Service will have the final say.


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