State Police: Residents Stay in Homes in Barrett and Price Townships
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Clinton County Plans Treasure Hunt To Celebrate Anniversary

LOCK HAVEN — Commissioners in Clinton County used this 175th day of the year to announce something that can help the county celebrate its 175th anniversary.

Commissioners are looking for people to donate something to be put in a time capsule that would be opened 25 years from now.

A pile of pictures and articles from special events have all been collected this year. The commissioners call these Clinton County’s treasures.

“We have so much we want to share with the future 25 years from now,” said Commissioner Pete Smeltz /(R) Clinton County.

In celebration of the 175th anniversary of the county, the commissioners plan to bury a plastic tube. Inside the tube is a riddle for commissioners in 2039 to solve during the 200th anniversary of the county.

“It’s a treasure hunt, yes.”

The treasure hunt starts on county property where the commissioners will have to dig up the riddle which will lead them to where the real time capsule is hidden.

“You will find a beautiful hand-carved wooden box. We’re going to put some treasures in,” said Commissioner Jeff Snyder /(R) Clinton County.

In addition to the pictures, articles, and other mementos already planned for the time capsule, commissioners want it filled with memories from people in the community.

“To put some ideas of best wishes, whatever they want to do. We’re going to put those in a scroll.”

“Oh, that’s going to be amazing for the people who live here,” said Joann Kennedy of Lock Haven.

Kennedy was born and raised in Clinton County. We asked her what she would write to the future generation

“Be thankful for the amazing place that you live because it’s a safe, quiet-oriented area.”

“2014 was a good year, a nice time to live in Lock Haven,” added Doug Dunlap of Lock Haven.

If you live in Clinton County and want to write a message to be included in the time capsule, contact the commissioners’ office at 570-893-4000.

They’ll collect messages until the end of the year.

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