Burglary Suspects Caught On Camera, Video Posted On YouTube

wmpt burg

WILLIAMSPORT — Police in Williamsport released security camera video of a burglary at D&D Market on Oliver Street.

Before 3 a.m. Tuesday, crooks smashed the glass on the door and got into the business.

Police in Williamsport ask you to call if you have any information at (570) 327-7560.

Officers posted the security video on YouTube.


    • Sick of trash

      These influx from Philly over last 20 to 25 years have positively destroyed Williamsport ! With shootings, robbery, drugs, assaults. Don’t care if 1% of you from Philly or big cities are actually decent, the other 99% of these types you see in this video have ruined it for the other 1% of the decent influx !

      Hope these 2 get busted, the owner of that store does not deserve to have this scum rob the business !

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