Search For Missing Man Continues

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NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY -- Search officials spent hours stopping drivers along Route 54 in Mount Carmel Township in Northumberland County Monday.

They handed out flyers and asked for information about 54-year-old Michael Kenney of Northumberland County.

He was last seen jogging on a path in the Weiser State Forest last Wednesday.

His car, with the windows down and keys in the ignition, was found in the parking area.

"He's an avid hiker and runner, and we have been focusing on the trails in case something happened to him while he was out running or hiking," said Nick Zulli from the Bureau of Forestry.

Search and rescue officials closed off the Roaring Creek Tract of the state forest, where Kenney was last seen.

They said it is to keep possible evidence from being contaminated.

They have searched the reservoirs in the area. Helicopters were brought in the search from the sky.

Trained dogs searched, too.

"The terrain is very rugged. It's very rocky, and then there are old mine holes and things like that with wooden boards. There were drop-offs, there are ravines, there's water, so it's very challenging for the searchers," said Cecile Stelter of the The Incident Management Team.

Stelter said this is a very extensive search and what is unusual is the fact that there has not been any clue about where Kenney may be, but she says dedicated search teams and trained volunteers are working from dawn until dusk to find him and keep his family informed.

"They are holding up as well as you can expect them to be under the circumstances, you know? They're just anxious to get their loved one back," said Stelter.


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