Seafood Swiped From Supermarkets in Lackawanna County

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY —  For the second time in less than a month, police in Dickson City found themselves investigating a case of seafood theft.

This time, a thief was caught shortly after ripping off two supermarkets of hundreds of dollars worth of lobster and other delicacies from the sea.

Dickson City Police are still looking for a man they say stole lobsters and appliances from Wegmans in the borough back in May.

The store was part of another seafood shoplifting spree by a different thief this weekend. Police in Scranton tracked down the latest alleged thief though after a traffic stop.

It’s the type of food many us save for special occasions, Christmas, or New Years. But, police said it was what Nicholas Bufano wanted when he walked into two supermarkets in Lackawanna County on Sunday.

He is now facing retail theft charges along with DUI And drug possession.

Scranton Police said Bufano’s day started at Weis Markets where he was spotted in surveillance video filling up a basket with $150 worth of lobster and other seafood. Once the basket was full, Bufano walked out of the store and drove off.

Police aren’t sure what Bufano intended to do with all the seafood. But they said he stole more at Wegmans in Dickson City later on Sunday morning.

Police eventually caught up with Bufano driving on South Washington Avenue in Scranton. Officers suspected he was under the influence and he had more stolen goods in his car. This time not fish, but fishing rods.

Bufano admitted he stole the fishing rods from K-Mart in Dickson City following his stop at Wegmans.

Dickson City Police said seafood theft from grocery stores is actually not as unusual as you might think. Thiefs often take the lobster or fish to small restaurants to sell for cash.

Police don’t know if that’s what happened in this case.


  • toddreeder

    You blame the politicians because jobs went overseas? Some people would rather steal than work honestly. It has always been that way. It has nothing to do with politics or jobs going overseas. I guess people sell drugs because of jobs going overseas. And I doubt people steal seafood because there family needs the food. I think they steal because they don’t want to buy it. Or to get drugs. And how can a store appliances from a store and not be caught? Did they ever catch the guy who stole seafood and beer before memorial day?

  • Me

    I blame no one but the politicians.

    They have sold out and shipped all of our good paying jobs overseas for cheap labor.

    People have to live and eat and they will do what they have to do to survive.

    There are no jobs around here. They have given half of them to illegal immigrants who don’t even belong here

    Anarchy is coming and God help the people that get in the way of these mobster like people.

    There is no such thing as justice or punishment anymore. People get away with anything.

    Anarchy in the USA !!!!!!

    • ryry

      Load of crap. Hes a dirt bag, who shoplifts. People just do it because they think they won’t get caught. People I knew use to go to Walmart, and steal anything they could put their hands on just to have it. I guess he was so poor he just needed those fishing rods. They weren’t to go fishing or anything.

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