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Job Fair For New Store Underway

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — A new clothing store opens in Wilkes-Barre next month and the company put out the “help wanted” sign Monday morning.

People started showing up outside the Hilton Garden Inn in Wilkes-Barre Township more than an hour before the job fair started.

These people are hoping to work at Gabe’s, a clothing store moving in to an empty building, in the East End Center, in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Darlene York of Wilkes-Barre was one of the people hoping to become one of Gabe’s new 150 employees. She lost her job as a fork lift operator just last week.

“I’m unemployed right now, so I’m going anywhere I can to find something and I don’t like to stay home,” York said.

She hopes she has what Gabe’s is looking for.

“Energy, enthusiasm, excitement to show the customer all the great deals they’re going to get with us, bring us that unbelievable experience to everybody,” explained Ronda English, an official with Gabe’s.

English wouldn’t be specific about pay. She says it depends on the position, plus the job seeker’s experience. She calls salaries “competitive.”

Things are moving fast. Work to renovate the old Price Chopper began weeks ago. Gabe’s is hiring, and the store is set to open July 26.

Gabes says it’s similar to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, name-brand clothes, for every member of the family, at a discount.

Jane Lloyd, 18, wants to work for Gabe’s. She needs the money for college.

“It’s pretty difficult. It’s not going too well right now. I haven’t heard back from anyone and I’ve tried 20 different places.”

The 20th time was the charm for Lloyd. She filled out her application, was interviewed, and was one of the lucky ones, hired on to the spot, according to a Gabe’s recruiter.

The Gabe’s job fair at the Hilton Garden Inn continues Tuesday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.



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