Expressway Reopened After Fatal Crash, Victim Identified

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SCRANTON --  The northbound lanes of the North Scranton Expressway were closed for about three hours Sunday night after a fatal crash.

The roadway was closed between the Main Avenue and Keyser Avenue exits.

The coroner said Jason Williams, 42, of Scranton was fatally hurt when his motorcycle ran into the back of a pickup truck. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

Scranton Police are still investigating the cause of the crash in Lackawanna County.  The road reopened around 9:30 p.m.


  • Rob lopez

    Please keep the Williams family in prayer…..we will miss our brother Iceman great husband awesome father and true brother….. I asked that law enforcement due a complete investigation ….we his brothers have been riding for many years and for the news to say he ran into the back of a pickup is highly impossible he just got on the highway not even 300 yds. Back was in the right lane riding were he’s supposed to be in the lane of travel so the car in front of him could see him thru the driverside rear mirror and driverside door mirror and the only skid marks are from his motorcycle and no other ….I pray for justice and pray that God can bless those experts from the State Police and local police to give the Williams family closure …..

  • tara

    This was my cousins husband if you saw the accident please call the state police who is investigating.


      it just saddens me to see so many bike fatalities so far in the WNEP area this spring/summer ! Death on a bike happened in my family also years ago, it is tragic, devastating ! So God Bless ALL the souls of all those unfortunate people who have passed on so far on cycles, and their families regardless of how I feel about them or lovers of bikes do, please comfort all those that are grief stricken for their loved ones.

  • Bunnygirl12785

    This was a horrible accident. I saw the poor man and called 911. We were just a few cars away from where the accident took place. We sat there in traffic for awhile. I prayed and prayed that he would be ok. This is so sad…..never thought I would see this today…..or any day. Prayers to the family.

    • phillip

      I’m sorry you had to witness this and thank you for praying for his soul. There’s a sort of haunting shock that will probably be with you for awhile.

      • Bunnygirl12785

        Yes, it was shocking and disturbing. Very very sad. As I said, I didn’t see what inially happened, but we got there when it came time to help. I wish there could have been more I could have done.

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