Missing Man’s Body Found in Woods; Friend Charged with Homicide

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BLYTHE TOWNSHIP -- Troopers charged a man from Schuylkill County with homicide after the body of a missing man was found Saturday in a wooded area near New Philadelphia.

State police charged Ethan Sullivan, 20, of Saint Clair with criminal homicide, robbery, assault and reckless endangerment.

The victim is identified as Jason Hahn, 22, from the Tamaqua area. Troopers said he was known as "Jay."

State police said his body was discovered around 5 p.m. Saturday in the woods along Silver Creek Road in Blythe Township.

Following a party Saturday, June 14 at his West Penn Township residence, Hahn was seen leaving with Sullivan.

In the following days friends became worried when they didn't hear from Hahn, and began searching for him, utilizing social media.

Derek Snyder was friends with both men. He said after Hahn went missing, he sent text messages to Sullivan and became suspicious when his story changed.

Snyder said, "He said he dropped Jay off in Mary D, then he changed his story and said he was never with him, then I started to get a little suspicious."

Prosecutors said that Sullivan was using bath salts around the time of the killing, which likely took place late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

They said the two men were traveling in a stolen Jeep and got into an argument. Investigators believe Sullivan killed Hahn with a two-foot-long pipe, then wrapped the victim's body in a tarp, and threw it into a ravine. They also believe Sullivan tried to set the stolen Jeep on fire.

Online court documents show that Sullivan was arrested Wednesday, June 18, on charges connected to a burglary in East Norwegian Township. He was unable to post the $25,000 bail and was locked up in the Schuylkill County Prison.

Police said after the victim's body was discovered Sullivan confessed to the killing

Snyder said he is struggling to understand what happened between the two men he considered friends.

"Ethan was a good kid too. I never knew him to be violent, I have known him for over a year too. I never saw a violent side of him. So I don't know what could have led to this. I wish I had some kind of answer."

Snyder said Hahn had a quick wit and loved animals. He adds that while "Jay" had struggled with drugs when he was younger, he had turned things around. The two men worked together making tie-dye shirts to sell at concerts.

Snyder said Hahn was especially excited to leave on a shirt-selling trip next week, planning to head to Maine and then down the east coast.

He said,"I just want to know why, I just want to know what happened, I just want to know what could have possibly brought it to this."



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    • MWM

      I know right? I love how people tend to define “good.” Birds of a feather..”He said,”I just want to know why, I just want to know what happened, I just want to know what could have possibly brought it to this.” Bad choices? Smoking mother nature is one thing, but bath salts? Any idiot knows that stuff is poison!
      ““Ethan was a good kid too. I never knew him to be violent, I have known him for over a year too. I never saw a violent side of him. So I don’t know what could have led to this. I wish I had some kind of answer.”
      Number one, it doesn’t take much sometimes for a young man to get aggressive under certain circumstance; that’s why the prisons are overflowing with them. Number two, even alcohol under the wrong circumstances can cause unexpected tragedies; and the stuff is legal, however, in his case it wouldn’t have been legal to drink.
      Number 3, “good kids” don’t steal things that don’t belong to them. Stealing is acceptable under the banner of “good” because it’s a non violent offense?
      Someone somewhere out there needs to give our young men direction because apparently given the news stories we read on here something is grossly amiss.

  • JP

    These two were angels, riding around in thier STOLEN JEEP! While at least one of them was HIGH. Apparently the friends think that behavior is acceptable, doesn’t say much for them.

    • gafan

      I agree. Glorify someone because they happened to be murdered? Ya, ok, he was just GREAT. Role model for society. Give me a break. You lie down with dogs and you get fleas.

  • Snshn

    I most certainly agree with the comment about these young kids using idiotic chemicals.
    Good old Mother Nature is the way to go if your going to do Any drug.
    And I’m Not endorsing anyone under the minimum age of thirty to do that even.

  • The Gargling Mudshark

    Bath Salts! Chr!st Almighty…why do people continue to take these unnatural chemicals? There is clearly a big problem with them. At this point, I would much rather see people taking normal drugs. At least things like heroin and coke are derived from natural sources, and don’t turn people insane. And yes, I know junkies sometimes commit crimes in order to obtain money for the inflated prices of illegal drugs(which are expensive due to the legal status), but these bath salts actually turn people into raving mental patients. Kids, stay away from this crap. If you really feel you must, at least smoke some good old fashioned weed, like grandpa used to. Leave the damned chemicals for cleaning the toilet, where they belong.

  • MWM

    Such a sad state of affairs that our young adults are getting into. Such a shame that a mother has to become a CIA agent when it comes to who her kid(s) hang with. Trust no one and don’t hang with losers.

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