Danville-Riverside Bridge Detour Causes Confusion

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DANVILLE — A roadblock at a bridge connecting Montour and Northumberland counties may be causing some confusion.

Drivers must use a detour that takes them miles out of the way, all until construction on a railroad crossing is complete.

Drivers headed toward Riverside from Danville were detoured around a bridge which usually takes them right into the borough. Some people did find other ways to cross the bridge, but for many people, it was an inconvenience.

Flaggers were giving directions over and over again to drivers who were trying to find another way to get over this bridge that connects Montour and Northumberland counties.

“We’ve been driving around four times trying to get over the bridge,” said Denise Thomas from Bath.

While crews work to replace a railroad crossing in Riverside, traffic will stay a little backed up.

PennDOT said cars going from Riverside to Danville will be allowed to cross the bridge, but no traffic will be allowed in the other direction.

“We have got to go 12 miles to get to a building which is right over there,” said Thomas.

Denise Thomas and her friends will have to use a detour to get into Riverside.

“It takes you out of the way and just it is longer. Frustrating,” said Thomas.

Drivers can take a detour through Catawissa. Steve Styer’s home is on the detour route.

“There’s a lot more traffic.” said Styer.

Following all those signs, it took Newswatch 16 about a half hour to reach Riverside. Many people decided not to use the detour at all. Instead, they walked over the bridge.

“I just had to plan for the time and enjoy the walk,” said Ashley McCorkhill from Danville.

“Everybody is out in Riverside walking I guess making the best out of it,” said Robert London.

Some shops tried to make the best out of the road block, too.

“We decided not to close but to try and entice customers to walk over and try to save a day that could have been a total loss,” said Abbey Kremser, the owner of the English Garden.

“I parked over in Danville and decided to walk across the Riverside bridge to go shopping and drink some wine,” said Jennifer Wemple from Danville.

PennDOT said work is expected to be done by Monday at 6 p.m. Flaggers will be at the bridge helping drivers through the detour until construction is complete.


  • jbrony

    “We’ve been driving around four times trying to get over the bridge,” said Denise Thomas from Bath.

    And each time they tried it was still closed… Reminds me of The Far Side comic strip where the kid was pushing on the door to the school for the gifted and couldn’t get in – and the door said ‘pull’.

    Mom, what are those folded paper things in the glove box? They’re called maps Jimmy, nobody know to read them.


    we have become so gps dependent that a bridge closure which has been reported in local papers for two months, 6 foot message boards in every direction towards Riverside bridge have been in place for two weeks. The local news stations reporting the closure. People still follow their gps instead of reading and following the DETOUR signs…This women is a special kind of Stupid or just likes hearing her gps RECALCULATING>RECALCULATING>RECALCULATING.

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