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Widow in Mourning a Day After Husband’s Sudden Death

SCRANTON — Cecelia Gorgol said she knew something was wrong when her husband Joseph was late returning home from running errands.

“He`s usually home about a quarter to three and I was very nervous.”

Police said the 91-year old Gorgol was walking in the parking lot of a Turkey Hill on Meridian Avenue around 4:30 Thursday afternoon when he was struck by a car, driven by 85-year old Ralph Carlacci.

Police said Carlacci’s car backed into Gorgol and knocked him down.

The car rolled over Gorgol, then went forward, striking a wall.

At the Turkey Hill people were talking about the tragedy.

“Guy got hit, heard he got dragged, I heard he died last night so I’m sorry to hear that you know,” said Richard Shoemaker.

Cecelia said she went right to the hospital after being told her husband was in the ER.

“Then a doctor came out and when he sat down, he knelt down in front of me and he said I have bad news.”

The couple, known as Ceil and Joe, celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary this May.

She said he worked at a garage fixing cars before retiring at 62 and he liked baseball, especially the Yankees and the Red Sox.

But he mostly enjoyed being home with her she said.

Now he`s no longer here, something Cecelia said hasn’t sunk in.

“I was folding his underwear and socks and putting them away,” said Cecelia. “I was saying here’s your pajamas honey, I know I have to get you the summer ones out.”

Police said Carlacci remained on scene after the accident and spoke with officers.

No charges have been filed.


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