Widow in Mourning a Day After Husband’s Sudden Death

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SCRANTON -- Cecelia Gorgol said she knew something was wrong when her husband Joseph was late returning home from running errands.

“He`s usually home about a quarter to three and I was very nervous.”

Police said the 91-year old Gorgol was walking in the parking lot of a Turkey Hill on Meridian Avenue around 4:30 Thursday afternoon when he was struck by a car, driven by 85-year old Ralph Carlacci.

Police said Carlacci's car backed into Gorgol and knocked him down.

The car rolled over Gorgol, then went forward, striking a wall.

At the Turkey Hill people were talking about the tragedy.

“Guy got hit, heard he got dragged, I heard he died last night so I'm sorry to hear that you know,” said Richard Shoemaker.

Cecelia said she went right to the hospital after being told her husband was in the ER.

“Then a doctor came out and when he sat down, he knelt down in front of me and he said I have bad news.”

The couple, known as Ceil and Joe, celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary this May.

She said he worked at a garage fixing cars before retiring at 62 and he liked baseball, especially the Yankees and the Red Sox.

But he mostly enjoyed being home with her she said.

Now he`s no longer here, something Cecelia said hasn't sunk in.

“I was folding his underwear and socks and putting them away,” said Cecelia. “I was saying here's your pajamas honey, I know I have to get you the summer ones out.”

Police said Carlacci remained on scene after the accident and spoke with officers.

No charges have been filed.


  • Mary Battle Arizona

    What was the outcome of the investigation??? Family and friends would like to know.

  • Jerry

    Was the driver in this incident ever charged? Was a medical condition discovered which caused him to kill the pedestrian? Good journalism dictates that WNEP do a follow up report to complete this story.

  • Mary Battle Arizona

    Why was this man driving when he was reported to have a health condition. Where was his doctor who should have reported this. I hope the Scranton Police will have this reported to the DMV and pull his license. The victims here are the Gorgol’s. They just sold their home and were entering an assisted living residence.

  • Tim

    85 year olds should not be driving a car and 91 year olds should not be out by themselves. At that age, you are a danger to society because your eyes and reflexes don’t work properly. This is why we have nursing homes.

      • MWM

        I agree with you guys and everyone here who said this man should no longer be driving. 86 is pushing it to say the least. We will have to figure out other ways to assist our elderly citizens in getting around. Put those tax dollars to GOOD use and hire qualified people to drive these people around as well as assist them the way they already do within those care-giving agencies. Those occasional/once a week short buses aren’t doing the trick apparently. They need to get out more often it seems. As for those who thumbed-down these comments; spin on those thumbs because if anyone of you did any reading over the winter, half the accidents involved drivers over the age of 65.

    • MisterPL

      From what I’ve seen people of ALL ages around here should probably have to take driver’s exams every time they get their license renewed. Statistically it’s younger people who are more dangerous. Just look at the ages of those being pulled over for DUI or texting while driving or getting caught for hit & run. They’re not senior citizens.

      So if you really want to make this about age, THOSE are the people you should be going after. However, it’s not the age, it’s the ability that matters.

    • Donna Jenkins

      You really are the cruel one, aren’t you. You’re headed towards old age, like it or not. You’re putting all oldsters in the same category.

    • Jim Brony

      You’re a real special kind of stupid, aren’t you Tim? And to all the ‘too old to be driving’ crowd, my guess is you’ll be the first ones to complain when the license police come to take your driving priveliges away.

  • Cool Hand Puke

    Wonder if the vic was walking to his car. If the driver was 35 with only 3 beers in him, NEPA would want to see him hang.

    • Jim Brony

      If three beers would make him legally drunk, yes he should ‘hang’. It’s called vehicular homicide by negligence. Go on though, keep making excuses for people that break the law that destroy other peoples’ lives. And spare us the ‘it could happen to anyone’ speech about DUI. It can only happen to those who choose to drink over the limit and then drive.

  • ME

    This is very sad. They were together for so long. For those asking why WNEP is broadcasting this, well, if the woman didn’t want to do it, she probably would have said “NO.” Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. It shows the human toll of this incident and that is more touching than any just the facts report.

  • Lisa E.

    I am disappointed with WNEP so much lately. Why do you need to broadcast something like this and with the title you gave it. Of course she is mourning. Shame in you for this. Have some decency. I can understand reporting a fact filled report on the accident, but not like this.

  • Save The Squirrels

    Very sad. It’s always sad when someone loses the love of their life. I’m not sure why this needed to be broadcast to everyone though. The family, as well as the driver, have enough stress right now. My thoughts are with Mrs. Gorgol, her family, and the poor old guy who was driving the car. I hope they all see some better days.

    • Mad In Hazleton

      and the poor old guy who was driving the car………………REALLY!!!!!! he caused this…he’s to old for jail time, but take his licence away and car. some people just don’t know when to stop driving.

      • Save The Squirrels

        YES! I also feel bad for the guy who was driving the car. He is an old man, and I’m sure that he never intended to hurt anyone. How do you think he is feeling right now? He must feel awful, knowing that it was probably his advanced age, reduced reflexes, or declining senses that made him make a horrible mistake. You’re right, he probably should not be driving, but older folks can’t always recognize that themselves…until it’s too late. I never discounted the victim’s family. I just expressed additional concern for the driver. I don’t see anything wrong with my statement.

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