Teacher Fired After Indecent Assault Charges

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BLOOMSBURG — Newswatch 16 has learned that a former teacher in Columbia County is facing indecent assault and other charges.

Gary Beveridge was charged in April for allegedly molesting a student in his class at Columbia-Montour Area Vocational Technical School.

He has since been let go from his job at the school in Bloomsburg

According to court papers, Beveridge had indecent contact with a 17-year- old student on several occasions from October 2013 until March 2014.

The school district said Beveridge worked as a secondary English teacher at the school for 24 years. They fired him April 2014 when the charges were filed and that went into effect in May of 2014.

A former student we spoke with says he remembers Beveridge as a good teacher, and he was shocked to hear the allegations because Beveridge was always a teacher that students looked up to.



  • deez nutz

    That must be a very old photo of Beveridge, the ones that have been in the Bloomsburg paper for the past few months show a much older version of this person.

  • Me

    Wow. Another one. Real surprise. It’s an everyday occurrence anymore. Reading about teachers or priests molesting kids or politicians or judges getting caught cheating the law or stealing or scandals , is like morning coffee. It’s routine in pennsyltuckey

    • Innocent til PROVEN Guilty

      I hope they find Gary Beveridge innocent AND if they do I hope the news stations take it upon themselves to smear his innocence all over the TV like they did his to date unproven guilt.

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