Talkback: A Deadly Motorcycle Crash, and A Suspended Officer

TALKBACK  -- Viewers voiced their opinions on the police officer suspended for allegedly selling  a weapon while on duty, and other people were talking about a deadly motorcycle crash.


  • Mad In Hazleton

    Their is no law that says you can’t sell a long rifle……it’s not a hand gun or an AR15 ….maybe the officer shouldn’t be doing it on company time…but illegal no….. people know the law before you comment.

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      I also found it interesting that, in the original story, the mayor of Laceyville referred to the rifle as an “automatic” weapon, which it most likely was NOT. If it was an automatic weapon, the sale would have required completing an FBI fingerprint card, paying that special $200 tax, along with a few other steps. Some of these people are so ignorant about these things, but that never slows their mouths down. I would have thought the mayor, from a rural town like that, would know the difference between a semi-auto and an automatic. Amazing.

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