UPDATE: Man Behind Bars for Shooting Niece

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WAYNE COUNTY -- State police arrested and charged 51-year old Louis Ogden of South Canaan Township with attempted homicide Friday night.

Investigators said Ogden shot his 20-year-old niece, Rebecca Pisall, in the head at his home near Waymart Friday morning.

Pisall was airlifted to Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton and listed in critical condition.

Ogden had nothing to say as he was led from state police barracks near Honesdale late Friday.

He is behind bars at Wayne County Prison in lieu of half a million dollars bail.

Friday afternoon, state police continued searching the alleged shooters home in South Canaan Township and doing interviews at the state police barracks.

There are two people they really want to talk to, witnesses police believe were there when the shot was fired and may be able to explain why this happened.

The Harrison family was headed out for a Friday fishing trip when they first heard police sirens, then, an ambulance, finally the blades of a medical helicopter.

"It's scary, a shooting in this area. It's stuff that you don't hear about around here. We watch it on the news but it doesn't happen here," said Harry Harrison.

State police say that is what happened just around the corner from the Harrison's house on Daniels Road in South Canaan Township near Waymart. Troopers say a man who lives there shot a woman who lives across the street.

Neighbors say they saw the ambulance leave the scene and then speed off in this direction about a half mile to Western Wayne High School where the victim was flown to Geisinger-Community Medical Center in Scranton.

Debra Roberts was working at the school when the helicopter landed. She saw the woman on a stretcher with bandages covering her head and face.

"Lifeless, lifeless, it was actually pretty horrifying to be honest with you," said Debra Roberts of the Western Wayne School District.

State police say they don't believe the man and woman were alone in the home when the shot was fired. They're looking for two people, possibly in a black Hyundai four-door sedan with two possible license plate numbers: FPL 3807 or JHJ 8249.

"The car was seen leaving the residence," said Trooper Connie Devens. "Shortly after the shooting."

Luke Gregory and his family live on Daniels Road but he says he never met the man who lives in the home. Gregory said he's only lived there less than a year.

"I'll tell you what, they're not going to be riding their bikes up and down this road until we know what's going on. We know like 99 percent of our neighbors, it's usually when we get newer neighbors that, obviously, we're going to have to start being a little more worried about it."


  • bug

    This also could have been avoided if last year when my passed away fathers checks were cashed by him, if the police would have actually done their job and investigated him or even arrested him for it. Bit no it takes someone getting hurt like this for anything to be done. I am so sick of people doing nothing until someone gets hurt this all cod have been avoided if they would have just listened and did their jobs.

  • Karma

    Instead of being rude to the person who asked the age be a little nicer… Maybe she read it wrong or read it to quick,but jump on her like she is spreading a rumor. My prayers go out to the family of the young woman may she make it through this tough time

    • janet

      Well, I was not being rude to the person who asked the question. I was, however, being frank with wnep about reporting something inaccurate. The earlier press release (no longer available) stated that it “appeared to be a male in his 20’s” that was the victim.

  • janet

    It was a female, not a male. Before you have accurate information, you should not report on an incident. Just report what you know is factual.

  • Renee

    Story is wrong..was not a male in his 20s..when you report the news make sure it is accurate..and please don’t hang around all day harassing the family in this bad time..they need to be left alone to process and deal with this..

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