Plane Down In Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- Emergency officials confirm that a plane has crashed in Clinton County.

Crews were called out Friday afternoon when a plane was reported down on Main Street in Lock Haven.

First responders said they believe the pilot lost power to the J-2 Piper Cub which caused it to crash.

George Crug was identified as the pilot of the downed aircraft. He is taking part in the Sentimental Journey which is an aviation event celebrating Piper aircraft that takes place annually in Lock Haven.

Several people who spoke with the pilot told Newswatch 16 that the small plane went down behind a residential area just after the pilot took off.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to do further investigation into the crash.


  • Marry Thomas

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  • Brenton

    Disappointed in the journalism displayed here. First, there is no mention of the pilot’s medical condition in the text of the article. Second, it’s Federal Aviation Administration, not Association (It’s a government agency, not a club.). The gaff over the city that we were hearing from was the icing in the cake. Good luck in your career with a nation news network.

  • Abe

    Just a few years ago, another plane crashed around this time of year near the Airport in Lock Haven and there were fatalities in that accident, just a couple of years back Thank goodness nobody hurt this time. But 2 times in last few years, in Lock Haven ——— Strange !

  • Victor Vector

    I’ll bet he took off 27 from LHV and needed to set it back down. What a poor design for an airport – while runway 9 appears to have open fields, runway 27 has houses and power lines…wonderful. If one is lucky enough to get it over to the river, you’ll spend time under water before getting dragged into the dam.

  • Jacque

    I hate the fly in every year because we live so close and it makes me so nervous. Planes fly so low and freak me out. Now every time I hear a plane I am going to get nervous. Glad nobody was injured.

    • Holly Chmil-Jones

      Agree completely, Jaque, these planes are a menace. I live in the Lifeflight path to the hospital & that is also terribly alarming. The safety of residents on the ground appears to have zero meaning. I also dislike the stupid noise of it all, like a roaring lawnmower blowing through the sky every little while. They sure look pretty though.

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