Pilot Walks Away from Plane Crash in Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- A plane crashed right by the airport in Lock Haven, Friday and the pilot remarkably walked away without serious injury.

Neighbors living across the street from the Lock Haven Airport are used to planes flying above their homes especially during Lock Haven's Sentimental Journey, but they never expected a plane to crash in their backyards.

"I come to the gate and the wings dipping and next thing I knew he was coming down," said Chris Martin from Lock Haven.

Chris Martin lives two houses away from where the plane crashed. He said he ran over to help, but the pilot pulled himself from the plane.

"He was shaken a little bit. He looked fine,” said Martin.

"I think it's an absolute miracle," said Kurtes Smith.

Kurtes Smith attends the Sentimental Journey at the Piper Memorial Airport every year and has met the pilot.

"He was in I believe in a 1941, J-2," said Smith.

Smith said he watched the plane take off, and moments later watched it do a nosedive and disappear.

"And I said to somebody, Did he go down? This woman said, He went down. He went down. He wasn't horsing around. The engine did not develop to clear the altitude," said Smith.

A crowd formed and watched as emergency responders helped remove the plane from the back yard.

"It's pretty intense," said Colton Calhoun.

Exactly what caused the crash is still under investigation. Again, the pilot who was flying the plane walked away from the crash.


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